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(Title: Galactic Screen)
Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe(?)

Special Containment Procedures:
Due to the location and size of SCP-XXXX, it cannot be physically contained. In order to hide SCP-XXXX's existence from astronomical associations with the capability to do detailed non-visible-light scans of the night sky, and therefore the general public, the Foundation has placed a large satellite in Geostationary orbit which constantly emits sufficient interference in the form of radio, x-ray, UV, infrared, and other astronomically viable wavelengths. This satellite is justified to the astronomical community as a "research satellite sanctioned by the United States military."

(doesn't block visible light, since visible light doesn't appear Doppler shifted, astronomers can easily notice the strangeness, put this here later…)


SCP-XXXX is a 0.5±0.014Mly wide, 0.3±0.014Mly tall, curved LCD screen with a pixel density of 4.4 Billion pixels per Mly. Parallax measurements through the use of non-earth-orbiting spacecraft put its approximate distance at 334.44±0.012 Mly. The object predominantly shows a static image which resembles visible-light pictures closely enough that it is not easily differentiated from the actual night sky without incredible telescopic resolution.

SCP-XXXX's rotational orientation appears to follow Earth's orbit closely enough that no distortion is visible. Additionally, as the Earth orbits, SCP-XXXX's displayed image alters itself to appear correct when compared to previous measurements.

SCP-XXXX's design matches that of no known current or historically produced digital displays.

Analysis shows that the image produced by SCP-XXXX is not discernibly Doppler shifted, whether this is because the object's pixels emit the correct wavelengths of light to counteract any apparent Doppler shift as seen from Earth, or because light produced by SCP-XXXX is not effected by the expansion of space-time remains to be seen. Several tests have been proposed to uncover the exact nature of the light that SCP-XXXX produces, however they have all been postponed because of SCP-XXXX's additional properties.

Upon observation (footnote 1: directly, indirectly) by a human subject who knows of SCP-XXXX's existence, SCP-XXXX will display red English (footnote 2: regardless of the language(s) that the human subject speaks/reads) text in the font Times New Roman, formatted with italic and bold. This text seems to be aimed at conversing with the human subject, common phrases include:

"I see you've found me, hello!"

"It's pretty boring out here."

Whether SCP-XXXX communicates faster than light, or can predict the future is unknown. All attempts to communicate with SCP-XXXX verbally have failed, this greatly discredits the possibility that SCP-XXXX has prescient properties, however this possibility cannot be completely discounted, as there is no conclusive way to prove that SCP-XXXX does have prescient properties, but simply cannot perceive or decode the spoken English language. Communicating with SCP-XXXX visually is, however, possible [See test logs 1-4], although little useful information has been divulged so far.

Observation of passing celestial bodies as well as in-space testing (footnote 2: distant galaxies, rarely, close stars) has shown that objects (Footnote 3: as well as sections of objects) passing in front of SCP-XXXX from the perspective of Earth become completely invisible. In-space testing has confirmed that any object outside a radius of approximately 60000km from Earth's center of mass becomes obscured by this effect (Footnote 4: SCP-XXXX is still visible from outside this range, however objects can obscure it).

Because of SCP-XXXX's orientation in the night-sky(forgot the technical term for this…), it is unknown whether

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