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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained at ██████ beach in █████████, Virginia. SCP-XXXX resides in a body of water surrounded by a beach-wide containment facility. Under no circumstances are any civilians to enter the facility. SCP-XXXX is fed weekly by 2 D-Class Personnel, Supervised by 1 Class 3 and 2 armed personnel. Under no circumstances are any unauthorized personnel to enter this facility without the approval of at least two Class-4 personnel or by O5 authorization.

Personnel entering SCP-XXXX's contaiment chamber are required to wear protective equipment to shield their nervous systems. Extreme caution is to be advised when approaching SCP-XXXX's chamber. Personnel are never to remain inside of SCP-XXXX's facility for longer than 1 continuous hour.

In the event of a breach, the organs on SCP-XXXX's head are to be disabled by a sniper before it is detained and brought back to containment.

The current location of SCP-XXXX-1 is unknown. Personnel of Site 66 are to report any potential sightings immediately. All eyewitnesses are to be interviewed before being treated with Class-B Amnesiac. If found, SCP-XXXX-1 is to be neutralized unless stated otherwise. Any electronic devices possessed by SCP-XXXX-1 are to be turned in to Site 15 for research.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an aquatic insect-like entity that measures 7 meters in length. The body of SCP-XXXX contains vital organs and features approximately 12 appendages. While a majority of the appendages are used as legs, the front-most two are used for gripping prey. The head of SCP-XXXX measures 1 meter in diameter and possesses a jaw, primitive eyes, and two short antennae-like organs. SCP-XXXX is predatory. Though it appears to utilize intelligent hunting strategies, no further signs of intelligence have been recorded. SCP-XXXX displays advanced learning behavior, and has been observed utilizing its anomalous properties in creative ways. Though it lacks the ability to speak, SCP-XXXX is very resourceful and has outsmarted personnel on multiple occasions.

SCP-XXXX possesses 2 short organs protruding from the top of its head. These structures have been observed emitting precise electric impulses with an effective range of 15 meters. When in use, the organs glow and emit electrical sparks with varying intensity. SCP-XXXX uses these organs to manipulate the nervous system of its targets, often inducing full paralysis or triggering spasms to immobilize prey before consuming them. Despite these abilities, SCP-XXXX does not appear to be intelligent. SCP-XXXX has been observed using its organs in advanced tasks, including the irreversible altering of a target's mind.

SCP-XXXX was neutralized during Incident SCP-XXXX-2011-1. For further information, see Addendum 3.

SCP-XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX-1, formerly known as Dr. Martin Trevor, is a 45 year old man. SCP-XXXX-1 was formerly a class 3 researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX's contaiment site. During a sample collection procedure (Incident SCP-XXXX-2011-1), Dr. Trevor was injured and his protective suit was breached. SCP-XXXX took advantage of the situation and appears to have "rewritten" Dr. Trevor's brain. For further information, see Addendum 3.

SCP-XXXX-1 escaped SCP-XXXX's facility shortly after Incident SCP-XXXX-2011-1. SCP-XXXX-1 has been sighted numerous times in nearby areas. Eyewitnesses all describe that SCP-XXXX-1 seems to be carrying and experimenting with electrical equipment. It is theorized that SCP-XXXX-1 is attempting to recreate SCP-XXXX's electrical organs through artificial means.

Addendum 1: Recovery

On ██/██/1996, the foundation received reports of an unusual chain of drownings at ██████ beach in █████████, Virginia. Suspecting a potential anomaly, the foundation analyzed footage of the shore and confirmed the presence of SCP-XXXX. MTF Kappa-33 "Wave-runners" was dispatched to the beach to contain SCP-XXXX. The 6-Member containment team suffered from the anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX due to a lack of protection, but managed to document its properties and escape with no casualties. The MTF initially reported SCP-XXXX as a cognitiohazard. This was disproved when a post-recovery analysis lead to the discovery of SCP-XXXX's electrical organs. Shortly after its discovery, SCP-XXXX's contaiment facility was built around ██████ beach.

Addendum 2: Test Logs

Supervising Researcher Test Subject Date of Test Test Results
Dr. █████████ (1) Class-D Personnel ██/██/19██ Class-D Personnel is introduced to test chamber. SCP-XXXX's antennae begin sparking. Class-D Personnel is paralyzed within 5 seconds. Class-D Personnel is promptly devoured by SCP-XXXX.
Dr. █████ A. █████ (1) Male African Elephant ██/██/20██ Elephant is introduced to test chamber. Elephant begins to show aggressive behavior. SCP-XXXX backs into corner of chamber, maintaining eye contact. SCP-XXXX's antennae begin sparking. Elephant abruptly shows a fearful response, and retreats to the opposite corner of chamber. Elephant collapses to the ground 20 seconds after fearful response. Subject is retrieved and test is ended. Note: I think that SCP-XXXX considered the Elephant a threat instead of prey, explaining the defensive response. - Dr. █████ █. █████
Dr. Trevor (3) Class-D Personnel ██/██/20██ Class-D Personnel (D1, D2, D3) are introduced to test chamber. SCP-XXXX's antennae begin sparking immediately. D2 begins spasming and falls to the ground, dead. D1 and D3 scream and retreat to different corners of test chamber. SCP-XXXX follows D3. D3 begintios running, but his legs shortly lock into place and he is devoured by SCP-XXXX. D1 curls into fetal position and begins crying and quivering. After consuming D3, SCP-XXXX ceases aggressive behavior. D1 and body of D2 are retrieved, and test is ended. Autopsy of D2's body revealed the cause of death to be a fatal seizure. Note: It looks like SCP-XXXX won't attack prey if it sees no use in it. Maybe using that antennae thing is really exhausting for it. - Dr. Trevor
Dr. Trevor (2) Class-D Personnel (Armed with pocket knives) ██/██/20██ Class-D Personnel (D4, D5) are introduced to test chamber. SCP-XXXX shows no notable reaction. Class-D Personnel are instructed to approach and attack SCP-XXXX. Shortly after the order is given, D4 looks at D5, screams, and stabs him. Test is called off, D4 and D5 are retrieved from test chamber. D5 received first aid was stabilized. When questioned, D4 stated that, when he looked at D5, he saw SCP-XXXX in his place and attacked. Note: This is the first time I've seen this thing manipulate a person like that. I mean, it didn't even move during the entire test. I'm starting to get kind of creeped out by this thing. - Dr. Trevor
N/A Dr. Trevor ██/██/2011 See Addendum 3

Addendum 3: Incident Video Log

On ██/██/2011, an incident occurred during a sample collection procedure. MTF Kappa-33 "Wave-runners" was assigned to Dr. Trevor to during the procedure. During the incident, SCP-XXXX displayed numerous new behaviors that it appeared to be deliberately hiding. The following is a transcript of the video logs taken during the incident.


(Video shot from K-33-Cap’s shoulder mounted camera)

K-33-Cap: One, Two, Three, and Four, keep your safeties off and flashlights on. Five, make sure you are using real ammunition. We went through hell containing this thing, so only shoot in a worst case scenario.

K-33-1: Tranquilizers are loaded.

K-33-4: Same here.

K-33-2: Ready to sleep it.

K-33-3: Tranquilizers in. Remember to be liberal with these, and shoot on sight.

K-33-5: Ammunition in and safety on.

K-33-Cap: My ammo is in. How’s it hanging, doc?

Dr. Trevor: Yeah, my gun is loaded. Can we hurry this up, the foundation needs this sample and I need to get away from this thing.

K-33-Cap: Fine by me. Five, cast us off. The sooner we recover this sample, the sooner we can get off this tin can they call a boat.

(As the air boat skims along the water, MTF-K-33 scans the water for movement. Dr. Trevor is seen briefly fidgeting with his protective gear.)

K-33-4: I see a spark over there. 3 o’clock, about 100 meters away.

K-33-2: I spot it as well. Permission to fire?

K-33-Cap: Permission denied. Cut the engine and switch to oars. We need to move in closer. I want complete radio silence.

K-33-4: Hey four-eyes, tell your pals up in the ranks to get us quieter boats. I’m tired of using oars every time we mess with this thing. We could use a bit more room, too.

Dr. Trevor: (Muttering) Maybe this boat wouldn't be so loud if you weren't on it, ██████.

K-33-4: (Angrily) I'm sorry, the fuck did you just say?

K-33-Cap: What do you two not understand about complete radio silence? Also, we are in the field and being recorded. Refrain from using names.

(For the next minute, the silence is only broken by the periodic sloshing of the oars as the boat cuts across the water. The sparking antennae of SCP-XXXX disappear.)

K-33-Cap: Stay focused… as soon as you make line of sight start firing. Something seems off.

(K-33-Cap cuts power to the airboat. The surrounding area is now lit only by flashlights and the remaining sliver of the moon disappearing behind a cloud. Suddenly, K-33-2 stands up and begins firing, with K-33-1, K-33-3 and K-33-4 following suit. The commotion causes the boat to rock. Dr. Trevor’s mic picks up a loud crash.)

Dr. Trevor: DAMN IT, MY FACE!

K-33-5: Keep firing, I’ll check on him. I think his faceplate is cracked.

K-33-Cap: Shit, there’s too much risk. Stop firing and gun the engine, we have to get back.

(As K-33-Cap moves, antennae are briefly viewed sporadically sparking. Dr. Trevor pushes Five down, taking his gun in the process.)


(As Dr. Trevor unloads both of his guns into SCP-XXXX, he is tackled and after a brief struggle, is knocked unconscious. K-33-Cap turns towards the now still SCP-XXXX.)

K-33-Cap: Keep your guns trained on that thing. It might still be alive. One, hand me your gun and mark our current coordinates.

(SCP-XXXX’s antennae wildly start sparking, spewing arcs of electricity across the lake. Tranquilizers assail the body as the boat speeds back to shore.)


MTF Kappa-33 returned to the shore without incident. Following Incident SCP-XXXX-2011-1, SCP-XXXX expired from the wounds Dr. Trevor inflicted. Dr. Trevor was detained and promptly demoted to D-Class. (See Addendum 4). SCP-XXXX's remains were later studied by foundation scientists, but further research yielded nothing.

Addendum 4: Interview with Dr. Trevor
//Immediately after Incident SCP-XXXX-2011-1, Dr. Trevor was detained in a holding cell and questioned by Dr. █████ A. █████. The following is a transcript of the recorded logs taken during the interview.


Dr. █████ A. █████: Hey Trevor. You doing okay?

Dr. Trevor: (No response)

Dr. █████ A. █████: Hello? Can you hear me?

Dr. Trevor: (Nods head)

Dr. █████ A. █████: Okay, good. You've been acting unusual ever since we assigned you to this position. Do you know why?

Dr. Trevor: (Incomprehensible Murmuring)

Dr. █████ A. █████: Pardon?

Dr. Trevor: (Continued Murmuring)

Dr. █████ A. █████: Why did you kill SCP-XXXX?

Dr. Trevor: I… XXXX…

Dr. █████ A. █████: Yes, XXXX. Why did you shoot it?

Dr. Trevor: XXXX…

Dr. █████ A. █████: Can you speak a little louder?

Sound of footsteps can be heard as Dr. █████ A. █████ moves closer to Dr. Trevor.

Dr. Trevor: I am XXXX.

(Crashing sound can be heard as Dr. Trevor lunges towards Dr. █████ A. █████. Brief struggle is heard.)


Dr. █████ A. █████ was found unconscious with his key-card missing 8 minutes after the interview. Dr. █████ A. █████ showed numerous bruises and scratches on his face, chest, and arms. MTF Kappa-33 conducted a search of the facility, but Dr. Trevor was nowhere to be found. Following an analysis of the incident tape and interview recording, Dr. Trevor was classified as SCP-XXXX-1.