The Death Note (SCP-1987)

Item #: SCP-1987

Object Class: Safe [[]]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1987 is to be kept in a secure room with 5 metre thick steel walls in site ██. SCP-1987 is only to be tested with permission from a personnel of level two or higher. Anyone entering SCP-1987's containment chamber must be secured in place by a metal chain, connected to the entrance. The maximum time a personnel is allowed to be exposed to SCP-1987 is 5 minutes. After someone exits the containment chamber of SCP-1987, they are to be kept in a locked room for a minimum of 10 hours.

Description: SCP-1987 is a blank piece of white paper, the origin of it is currently unknown. Accompanied by it is a feather quill pen, known as SCP-1987-A, as well as a clay pot containing ink, known as SCP-1987-B. Researchers are no longer allowed to study any of the three objects, due to ██████████.

When someone is let into SCP-1987's containment chamber, they begin to feel an sttraction towards it. Peersonnel can begin to become violent if asked to leave after being exposed for longer than 10 minutes. After 15 minutes of exposure, personnel will begin to write unknown symbols on the paper. Soon after, the ink will disappear off the paper, and begin to carve the symbols into the personnel's arm. It is currently unknown if this "mark" has any effect on personnel. If the personnel's arm is not amputated within 5 hours of being "marked", the subject will be put in a zombie like trance. If asked to move, the personnel (now known as SCP-1987-C) will violently strangle the person who asked. this will put SCP-1987-C into an active state. In this active state, it will run of up to speeds of 50mph, killing everything in sight. The only known way to stop the subject is shoot the subject directly in the head.