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Item #:SCP-2822

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Object is to be stored in a .52 cu-m spherical chamber filled with any fluid incapable of being used as ink (usually to be some mild alkali).

There are to be no writable surfaces within 5m of the containment sphere, all surfaces are to be monitored daily for any signs of etching, while monitoring is in process a shield is to be deployed around the containment sphere to inhibit its memetic properties.

No contact is to be made by any humanoids (non sapient animals appear to be excluded) without majority vote from the 05 council.
Automatons appear to be immune to the objects effects.

No less than 6 Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sinks (XACTS) are to be engaged to render the objects effects null.

Description: Scp appears to be a loosely bound book comprised of hand bound pages of indeterminate count as well as a brown hard backing. Object contains no visible wear or damage outside of apparently intentional designed flaws upon its cover,which is anomalous due to its discovery at the bottom of a metro rail in Stockholm,Sweden where after a train derailment it was discovered after ███ vanished after reportedly picking up the book and

Upon discovery field agents not in contact with the object report subjects of the book referring to it as "Q" it is believed this is a shortened version of "Quest Book" as this is what the object prefers to be referred as when written or spoken about as an item. Book appears to be aware of written and spoken word within ██ meters.

"Q" has a generally cheery tone to those it"chooses" to converse with,however, this appears to be a means to lure its subject into reading further into the book which triggers its other anomalous effects.

The object has a distinct digital pixelization to it, this phenomena extends to all forms of visualization including but not limited to: xray,thermal imagery,and electron scanning.
Test trials with D-class personnel have revealed that the book has an indescribable plastic or smooth glass like texture and is cold to the touch regardless of ambient temperature.
"Q" exhibits its anomalous writing properties through these medians as well, usually with the words"Open me please" being displayed in typical times new roman font.

The object is capable of transferring text to any non anomalous writable surface to converse with,however, electronic media seems to provide sufficent difficulty to the book to hinder any intelligent writing to appear. Due to recent tests resulting in improvement in this area electronics are no longer allowed within the objects containment structure.
Opaque surfaces are unable to be penetrated however. allowing thermal imaging of object to confirm its contaiment.

the subjects of the texts writen by "Q" almost always refer to beckoning an individual to open the book.

Once a subject has opened the book and has turned at least one page after thorough reading of the intial page the subject is instantaneously transferred into a pocket dimension of the SCPs own creation whereupon the individual must complete selected tasks of varying type and complexity to gain access to return to this reality.

Subjects that survive these trials often report feelings of being aimless in general activity and a general disdain for electronic devices as well as an obession with lighting any dark area though the cause of this obession is currently unknown as subject appear incapable of fully remembering their subject upon recovery was found laying in the fetal position clutching its chest with bleeding hands repeating the words" one more block" until subjects expiration after█ days
subjects often refer to the pocket dimension as cubic and have tendencies to refer to things as "blocks" though for the reasoning behind this is currently under investigation

Additional Notes:

All of the objects known properties have exhibited a range of up to 50m of uninterrupted line of sight.
Item has the capability of writing upon its own pages though no external means are able to do so.
Anything scribed upon the pages is known to alter the reality in which any subject within resides.
The number of individuals able to reside within the books dimension is currently unknown.