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Item #: SCP-2106

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-2106 is to be kept within a sealed room with a panzer thick glass in front of it for constant watch over the subject. Agent █████ recommends that SCP-1216 is to be kept within chains at all times. This precaution was removed as the case of the subjects problems with heat was discovered. Professor D. ██████ was the one to discover that the target weakens when heat is exposed to it. Use heat when ever entering room with SCP-2106. Use at least two guards to watch the entry whilst one is inside in case of emergency the subject is to be put down with tranquilizer darts or a shot to the legs for incapacitation.

SCP-2106 is a large canine look alike humanoid standing around 7~ feet tall if on hindlegs and standing straight. The procedure that created SCP-2106 is unknown, it is believed it was an experiment on animals to alter the DNA of targets to enchance humans. It had many failures and this was one of them, the inability to live in warm places and constantly needing heat. Having the ability to freeze down things around one self in a slow process. Subject is male or presumed so after tests on the more sensitive parts. SCP-2106 has light blue fur with rather unique eyes that seemingly just have a rare color, these believed to be tied to the DNA changing. SCP-2106 has the a mixed anatomy of a canine and a human, ears and feet are that of a wolf. There are no physical problems with the subject, the body works as expected and no organs have failures. Mental problems have not been sighted yet, mind seems to be in a healthy condition.

The subjects eye colour seems to be a rare speciment as it has several different colours. Most of them are unnatural and seem to have been attempts to modify the eyes of the host it was given to. ████████ ██ ██████████ has confirmed that it has affected SCP-2106s brain as well, giving it sentinel thoughts. With the transformation of the body, the subject is also able to walk on two legs, granted it does still have the feet of a canine, the hands seem more humanoid than animal. These changes can also be noticed when SCP-2106 was first confronted by Professor D ██████. A speech patterned had been adapted by the subject, the inner throat having been "Re-constructed" to allow the subject to speak.

The area in which SCP-2106 was found was ████████████ in the █th sector. Within the ████████ █████ border. This area has been cleaned out for any source of finding the makers of the subject, however, no such thing was found. The subject was quickly taken into the facility for testing and to keep away from the world. SCP-2106 is not to be let out into the real world. It is now kept within the ████ foundation.


SCP-2106 is known to, after long periods of time, have chilled the air within the room, this is a very slow process but now brings the need for some kind of heat transfering to the large glass wall infront of the containment area.

SCP-2106 has been attempting to make any kind of sharp objects out of the water it is given everyday to drink to function. The water in any of the drainage is taken from an outside room to get into the room and then dissappear again down another drainage. These sharp objects are to be cleaned by applying heat to the room before anyone enter past ██ AM till ██ AM.

Addendum 2106-1: Subject has been sighted talking to itself several times. If it is caused by slight insanity or not is not clearified yet. Be cautious around SCP-2106.

Addendum 2106-2: Agent ██████ ██████████ has been seen talking to the Subject several times, ██ is now discharged and moved to another post. Any and all communication with SCP-2106 is prohibited.

Interviewed: SCP-2106

Interviewer: Voice is identified as Professor D ██████

Foreword: Interview ID ██ - D███ - █

<Begin Log, 03:20PM>

Professor D ██████: *A chair heard pulled in after the recording starts* "Greetings SCP-2106.. Can you hear and understand me?"

SCP-2106: "Mpf.." *A few movements were heard in the background*

Professor D ██████: "Your vital signs seem to have been recovering lately, can you confirm you feel better?"

SCP-2106: *A moment of silence was given* "Yes.."

Professor D ██████: "Good.. good.." *A few weapons can be heard in the background standing down.* "We are here to test your blood once more, to get a DNA sample."

SCP-2106: *No sound was given from the subject, only a light growl*

Professor D ██████: "Please do refrain from violence, you know what happened last time." *The chair was pulled on again before steps could be heard moving around*

SCP-2106: *Claws were heard dragged against the table* "It's too warm in here.."

Professor D ██████: "This is for your own safety. We are not risking more lives SCP-2106"

SCP-2106: "My name is █████.."

Professor D ██████: "You are SCP-2106. Now stay still whilst I take a blood sample.."

SCP-2106: *Another deep growl was heard before a few chains were heard moving*

Professor D ██████: "Calm down SCP-2106!!"

SCP-2106: *The whole table was shaking as the subjects breathing was intense, moving around quickly*

Professor D ██████: "Get him off me! Shoot hi-" *A crunch sound was heard as something broke the skin, a single gasp heard before finally weapons were shot on the other side of the room*

EVENT: *Two large thuds were heard hitting the ground, one of them panting loudly. the other knocked out, paralyzation darts were used in the process*

Soldier ████-██ "Subject down, requesting emergency evac for ██████. Unprovoked attack of a professor" *A slam was heard on the recorder afterwards to shut it off, everything going silent*

<End Log, 04:40PM>

Closing Statement: SCP-2106 had wounded Professor D ██████ with a bite mark to the shoulder area near the neck. No permanent damage apart from a scar was given. The Subject was dragged back to their cell. and Professor D ██████ was given health care with quick response ensuring a smooth procedure and recovery. No permanent damage were inflicted upon the subject either.