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Item #: SCP-3327

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3327 must be kept in a 13 foot cubic room with bulletproof glass protecting the one-way mirrors of its cell. The door must be biometrically keyed to the Site Director, who is the only one who may open the door. This must be done from the control room, which is to be guarded by at least five security personnel at all time.

The outer hall leading to SCP-3327's chamber must have blastproofed shield doors in the event of a Containment Breach. The entrance to the control, as well as the two access gates and the chamber itself must have thermal, motion, and infrared cameras in addition to the standard CCTV cameras. Level 3 or higher researchers and security personnel are the only ones premitted within the chamber.

All security personnel