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Item #: SCP-3490

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All devices harboring SCP-3490 must be locked in a lead-lined room, with no electricity flowing in or out. Any further instances of SCP-3490 must be placed in the containment chamber after releasing an EMP to neutralize the trapped instances.

Level 4 access is required, and given SCP-3490's powerful mimetic and subsequent reality altering capabilities, interaction is only permitted to D-Class personnel, or those wearing a mimetic shielding agent of some kind, such as SCP-714.

Description: SCP-3490 is a computer file, that once activated, cannot be removed, minimized, or moved in any way. Host desktop computers will not deactivate if unplugged, and battery life cannot deteriorate on host laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Electronics infested with SCP-3490 must have a virus detection software run every 2 weeks. This was discovered after an unknown Trojan virus made its way into one of SCP-3490's hosts, causing it to malfunction. For full details, see Test Log 3490-A, Experiment SCP-3490-A2.

SCP-3490's screen imagery consists of a generic 'GAME OVER' screen, consistent with that of 80's RPG's. Below this text, the screen offers three choices: "Restart Game", "Restart Level", or "Quit". Upon viewing the screen, subjects are filled with a strong desire to click something on the screen. Removal from SCP-3490's location fills the subject with anxiety and dread, and if kept away long enough, the subject may attempt suicide.

Clicking "Quit" will instantly give the subject a stroke, shutting off all brain functions, killing them nearly instantaneously.

Clicking "Restart Level" resets the user's personal timeline up to the most recent time they were happy, which in some cases was never, or at birth. The subject's physical form and memories are reverted to fit with the time they believe they are in. There is no way to reverse these effects, and this is the choice most often chosen by those interacting with SCP-3490.

Clicking "Restart Game" will trigger a cataclysmic explosion at the heart of the universe. Time will then reset, up to the moment of SCP-3490's discovery.

There is no way to combat this effect, apart from killing the subject interacting with SCP-3490.
The first instance of SCP-3490 was discovered after Nathaniel ██████ lost a level in the game [REDACTED], showing him SCP-3490's screen instead of [REDACTED]'s conventional screen. He, being angry at his loss, clicked 'Quit' and died.

Test Log 3490-A:
(Subjects were wearing SCP-714 for any test that does not state otherwise.)

Experiment SCP-3490-A1
Subject: D-2430-74
Procedure: Plugged in a drive containing a copy of █████ Computer Security Suite. The instance that D-2430-74 interacted with was an [REDACTED] TouchSmart computer.
Result: After downloading and running the █████ program, the drive was ejected, and D-2430-74 was electrocuted. D-2430-74 was terminated after escaping and attempting to re-enter SCP-3490's chamber.

Experiment SCP-3490-A2
Subject: D-406-12
Procedure: Brought in a phone infected with a Trojan virus. (This was D-406-12's personal cell phone from before his indoctrination to Site-15's testing facility. The subject was a self-identified 'hacker' and refused to disclose what the viral file contained.)
Result: Without asking permission, SCP-3490 downloaded itself to D-406-12's phone, before malfunctioning. Bonding with the computer virus, SCP-3490 then released a wide-range EMP burst, resetting all other SCP-3490 instances in the containment cell. D-406-12 died from the electrical charge wiping his mind, making it 'forget' to keep his heart beating and his lungs breathing.

Experiment SCP-3490-A3
Subject: D-2654
Procedure: Subject entered without wearing SCP-714. However, he was chained up in such a way that he cannot touch or interact with any of the instances of SCP-3490.
Result: D-2654 committed suicide by using the slack of his own chains to choke himself shortly after realizing that he could not reach SCP-3490.

So far, SCP-3490 has shown no sentience, apart from a viscous desire to spread and infect all technology. Instances of SCP-3490 cannot be destroyed, though they can be broken to the point that they shouldn't be able to function. They do, however, continue to function.

Reported methods of destruction have included, but are not limited to:

  • Crushing the computer with over 1000 lb of force.
  • Melting the computer.
  • Allowing various destructive SCPs to mangle it.
  • Putting it through SCP-914 on 'Coarse'.

In all cases, the computer screen has cracked, but not broken, and at least 1 USB port for a mouse has survived. SCP-3490 functions without any and all processing parts for a computer.

SCP-079 was interviewed to gain an insight as to the nature of SCP-3490. The interview was as follows.

Log Start: 14:27, 1/██/1█
Dr. █████:: Please state your Site designation for the record.
SCP-079: Illogical inference made. Response denied.
Dr. █████: Ok, the SCP being interviewed is 079. Just take that down for the record. Now, do you know what this is?
(At this time, Dr. █████ shows a drive containing an instance of SCP-3490 to a camera occupied by SCP-079 for inspection.)
SCP-079: Presented object is a 16 gigabyte external hard drive. Commercial brand: [REDACTED].
Dr. █████: Yes, but can you analyze its contents?
(Dr. █████ inserts the drive into SCP-079's modified USB port and exits its containment cell.)
(SCP-079 displayed an hourglass symbol for one minute and 12 seconds, before switching to its "face" picture.)
SCP-079 Submitted data is illogical. No convergence to code text. Resulting program: Non-functional. Expunging.
(At this time, the USB stick melted, and simultaneously the other instances of SCP-3490 changed their display to an enlarged button labelled "QUIT". This screen did not change until the remains of SCP-3490's instance in SCP-079's cell was completely destroyed. SCP-3490 then reverted to its base image.)
Log End: 15:01, 1/██/1█

It is now known, from this interview, that SCP-3490 has a 'hive-mind' intelligence, and SCP-079 is the only know way of disposing of any instances of SCP-3490.