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Item #: SCP-3089

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3089 can only be observed through mathematical means virtual means, and by its nature can pose no direct threat to the foundation, there is no need to contain it. It’s designation as a SCP is a formality. Any research done on SCP-3089 is to be kept in a labeled filing cabinet in Dr.████'s office.

Description: Description: SCP-3089 came to the foundation’s attention via a series of real-value additive statistical analyses on possible alternative universes that were generated randomly. The scale of which was degree of similarity between our universe and the universe in question as the independent variable, and the percent change the universe in question exists past our own as the dependant variable. Universe values were generated randomly via atmospheric noise. A standard linear regression showed that the further the universe differed from our own, the less likely it would exist longer than our universe, with exceptions that were consistent with data collected from SCP-2003. One outlier, however showed a universe with extremely little deviation from our own and a 100% chance of existing past it. This outlier was produced in 100% of the analyses (a total of [DATA EXPUNGED] tests).

This outlier prompted more testing, and continued to be produced in binary, categorical, and binomial analyses. All attempts to directly visit this universe through [DATA EXPUNGED] have proved fruitless, and thus it has only been able to be observed via mathematical and virtual means. Further real-value additive analyses in which the independent value was length of universe existence in millions of years and the dependant variable was number of anomalous items showed a negative correlation between length of a universe’s existence and the amount of anomalous items existing in it. Consistently, one universe was produced that both broke the time scale and contained zero anomalous items. Universes were still produced randomly via atmospheric noise, and the universe in question continued to be produced in every test performed despite the incredible unlikelihood of this event.

A Pearson’s chi-squared test was performed to determine if the outliers in the two separate analyses were two independent universes or if they were a single universe that was very similar to our own, save for the fact that it contained no anomalous activity. The null hypothesis was disproved, and it was found that these universes were one and the same, earning the universe an SCP classification.

Addendum-3089-1: Dr. ████ requested permission to take over project lead on SCP-3089. Request granted. Dr. ████ theorized that, using Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, SCP-3089 could be observed if a way was found to completely obfuscate all knowledge about the universe’s momentum. Universe “still lives” were able to be generated as binary data via [DATA EXPUNGED] in which a single isolated moment in time and space (maximum amount of space is limited to around an area of 180 km2 due to software limitations; search for more efficient means of gathering data is ongoing) and compared to its analogue in our own universe. The data was able to be reconstructed as a virtual model of the area in space time, allowing detailed exploration of the areas in question. The resulting analysis of deviations is outlined in Test Log-3089.

Test Log-3089:

Area in question: location of believed headquarters of a branch of The Fifth Church. June 2nd, 1990
Deviation in SCP-3089: Area in question was reconstructed as a small, rural community in Mississippi with no notable identifiable persons living in it.

Area in question: ████ ████, ██████ █████ █ ███████, █████ ██, 1951
Deviation in SCP-3089: The area was reconstructed with almost identical similarity to its analogue in our universe with one notable exception. No UFO was found to be present, and, as such, additional testing was done to confirm the GOC does not exist in SCP-3089, thus a strained relationship between this GOI and the United States was never able to develop.

Area in Question: ███████ Spain, ████ █, 1938
Deviation in SCP-3089: The area was reconstructed to appear identical to photographic evidence and census data gathered from the area in question in our universe. Umberto Bumaro appeared to be an ordinary mechanic operating in a shop that looked to be getting little business due to the Spanish Civil War. Additional testing revealed that Bumaro was dead by 1950, and the Church of the Broken God was never founded in SCP-3089.

Area in Question: ████, France, █████████ ██, 1874
Deviation in SCP-3089: The area was reconstructed with near identical similarity to photographic evidence and census data of the area in question in our universe with one notable exception. In place of "Sommes-Nous Devenus Magnifiques?" a non-anomalous private art gallery was found, which included a painting that was found, after later testing, to have become a decently well-known piece of art by the painter Henri Harpignies in the universe of SCP-3089.

Area in Question: Washington D. C. June 20th, 2017
Deviation in SCP-3089: With no anomalous activity in SCP-3089, it would appear that US-Russia tensions are more strained when compared to our universe. Global and local politics in general appear to be more exaggerated in nature as they play a larger relative importance in the lives of the inhabitants of SCP-3089.

Area in Question: Dunkirk, France, May 29, 1940
Deviation in SCP-3089: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Additional Notes: If the wrong people find out how this could have been avoided by non-anomalous means, we would never hear the end of it.

Area in Question: █████████████ Irkutsk Oblast, █████, ██, ████
Deviation in SCP-3089: With no presence of [DATA EXPUNGED] the area is safe to inhabit, and there is no need for any sort of in-universe containment procedures. Additional testing has revealed that much more of SCP-3089 is habitable than compared to our universe.

Area in Question: Foundation Site-██ ██████ ██, 20██
Deviation in SCP-3089: In place of the Foundation Site is [DATA EXPUNGED] suggesting that in SCP-3089 there is no foundation.
Additional Notes: I mean, why would there be? What do they have to contain?

Addendum-3089-2: The following is a transcript of Dr. █████████'s request for SCP-3089 to be reclassified from an anomalous item to an SCP.

"I won't sit here and try and explain exactly what item 3089 is, mathematically speaking. What is important is that 3089 is real even if we can't go there. It has the strongest anomalous-resisting properties out of anything The Foundation was encountered thus far. Nothing we want to send there could be sent there because it would be considered by what ever laws that govern 3089 as anomalous. But if we can find out what makes 3089 tick, we could have the power to prevent anomalies from even existing. It is the ultimate containment procedure."