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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid? Keter?

Special Containment Procedures:1

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SCP-XXXX is contained within a 7m x 7m area based off knowledge of the entity's range in power, it should also be noted that, despite how the entity may avoid walking along the walls, for unknown reasons, it can still affect a three meter perimeter around it's containment chamber. The area contains a metal bed and metal shelves holding books. -XXXX is to be monitored by five Level-2 personnel rotating on three hour shifts. Two level-2 personnel, on a three hour rotation, are to be stationed outside the perimeter of the containment zone to avoid the drastic changes in temperature caused by the anomaly. Thermal devices are no longer considered sufficient for tracking it's temperature dilation. The devices are rendered useless as they are unable to handle the temperature changes caused by SCP-XXXX. Personnel have made a schedule and given a clock to the anomaly to provide food while the anomaly is not fluctuating the temperatures. Motion sensors outside of containment still work to track movements of the object despite suspected tampering of SCP-XXXX.

Notes: Assistant ████ collapsed from heat exhaustion within the three meter radius around the containment area. It was originally believed the entity was able to manipulate appliances while personnel reported experiencing symptoms related to the anomaly's photokinetic abilities. Utilizing the motion sensors allowed personnel to rely less on the cameras to mitigate the affects seeing the anomaly has.

Due to the entity causing all light within its area to shift continuously, any personnel monitoring the camera feeds or guarding the door must be screened for vision impairments and epilepsy. Anyone with a family or medical history of cardiovascular diseases or disorders cannot be used to guard SCP-XXXX.

[Note: Forged documentation by Dr.████ lead to Assistant ████████ epileptic shock. Dr.████ has been terminated and Assistant ████████ was transferred to another anomaly. SCP-XXXX created an oil painting of their episode in attempted consolation.]

SCP-XXXX is an albino male of unknown decent, continuously shifting physical age between ten and twenty-seven years old. The anomaly was discovered in an orphanage at [REDACTED] after reports of a humanoid seemingly fluctuating in age without control. It prefers to wear a tunic, fitted jeans, and military combat boots of always shifting colours and patterns. This was selected during the testing process of how XXXX reacted to materials. [See Experiment Analysis.] It was made apparent the entity is capable of changing its appearance using the light in an area and does so subconsciously and consciously. This makes it impossible to discern the true appearance of the entity and has allowed for humorous and horrifying results. [See Incident-XXXX-FOOLSDAY.] Through use of photokinesis it is able to refract, reflect, and manipulate the light in an area outward, to create more light of any colour or pattern, as well as inward, to pull the light in on itself and create darkness. It is capable of drawing on the heat in an area, expand it and produce temperatures akin to walking on the sun, or even taking heat out of an area and compacting the colder temperatures into creating a tundra too cold to move in. It can draw water particles out of the area and use oxygen and hydrogen in the air it to create more water, water vapor, snow, sleet, and ice. Likewise it can feed off the oxygen in an area and increase the atomic speed of the dust and dirt particles effectively creating fire. [See Incident-XXXX-CAT and Incident-XXXX-ICED for more details.]

It was recently discovered that the anomaly can replicate itself shaping the light and darkness in an area and condensing air particulates simultaneously. After several these Instances appearing, the entity claimed that they were difficult to maintain and it suffered temporary blindness with each creation. Results from an MRI after Incident-XXXX-Iced suggests brain hemorrhaging is symptomatic of creating too many Instances. Each replication is limited on what it can interact with and can only appear within a six meter radius of the original entity, or another created instance. Other anomalous properties include that of self-repair, speaking in a tongue unknown to man or other anomalies, having heightened senses, and having a vast understanding of other anomalies and locations it has not been to or heard of from the faculty in the building. When questioned on this knowledge XXXX expressed a lack of understanding and claimed to have only an advanced awareness of what was around and their importance. It claims to have limited knowledge of neighboring facilities due to the need to have multiple containment areas and just approximates the rest. [See Interview-XXXX-ALERT.] More anomalous qualities will be added as they are discovered or addressed by SCP-XXXX.

Author's note: I was thinking of an fMRI and another test I can't remember the name of. I will address this soon.

The anomaly's properties in thermal and photokinetic manipulation can cause devastating affects on those within it's immediate area. It is required of all staff to have regular check ups and physicals in order to be sure of any short term or long term affects of exposure. Due to D-Class testing we have been able to find a correlation with exposure time, symptoms, and duration. The entity has discussed a lack of control over how it affects others and can only prevent death from prolonged exposure with limited affect. The D-Class subjects that were kept from death have not awakened from their comas and entity becomes quiet and uncomfortable when they are brought up.

Note: SCP-XXXX mentioned a lack of remorse for going along with testing, but displeasure at its powers and lack of control over their affects. This has been reported when it creates ice that does not melt or chill. -Dr. ██ ██████

What symptoms to look for when exposed to SCP-XXXX's environment.

Exposure Time Symptom Duration
3 hours Blurred Vision and Dizziness 15-20 minutes
3.5 hours Dizziness and Imbalance 30-40 minutes
4 hours Nausea and Imbalance 40-60 minutes
4.5 hours Body Temperature Fluctuations 60-90 minutes
5 hours Catatonic State and Seizing 90 minutes
5.5 hours Death is Imminent Unless Prevented by SCP-XXXX -30 minutes

Requests Made by SCP-XXXX:
Note: SCP-XXXX enjoys employing passive-aggressive tactics to gain what it wants. - Dr.██████

  • To have one cat (denied)
  • To have one computing device for communication outside of containment (denied)
  • Clarification of last request. Computing device to only be used for communication with level-2 personnel and higher (granted)
  • One gaming console with non-multiplayer adventure games and HD TV without cable (granted)
  • After testing the entity expressed a desire to keep some of the clothes he had been asked to wear during testing (granted)
  • Books pertaining to fantasy, sci-fi, and general fiction (granted, denied, granted)

Note: Anomaly expressed amusement about being allowed fantasy over sci-fi, but didn't complain.

  • One cat, entity wished for request to be granted for good behaviour. (denied)
  • Operation "Just Give Him A Fucking Cat!" engaged. [See Incident-XXXX-CAT.]
  • One easel with oil pastels and canvases. Anomaly expressed a desire to decorate room. (granted)
  • One cat post and wheel (granted)
  • Desired to be kept with cats during interview. [See Incident-XXXX-?]
  • SCP expressed a desire to breed the calico it received in order to observe its kittens. (granted, as long as the kittens can be taken in by researchers for study)

Note: Entity was not pleased with cats being taken for experimentation and demanded an audience with █. Request was denied and ensuing Incident-XXXX-ICED occurred.

  • Anomaly was permitted to choose a partner for cat and keep kittens until their eyes opened. Entity then requested they be given to US War Veterans with PTSD under threat of past Incidents repeating themselves. (granted)
  • Request for someone to care for cats due to feeling tired (granted)
  • Entity wished to have time alone without further testing with the allowance that staff would be able to examine its health (granted)
  • SCP-XXXX requested to keep one kitten due to the mother's adoration of it (granted)

Extended Notes:

While SCP-XXXX is caring for cat and kittens it will reduce it's own body and environmental temperatures for their safety despite experiencing discomfort. When questioned the anomaly claimed to be aware of why it was contained, but was often lonely and bored despite having communication with staff and games to play. It also revealed that animals do not suffer the way D-Class subjects did during testing. Dr.██ ██████ has requested allowance for SCP-XXXX to roam the facility under guarded watch. Request Pending.

During testing D-Class subjects all report seeing the anomaly as being of varying ages. See Experiment-XXXX-DCLASS for further details. Personnel have reported seeing the anomaly as their children, friends, and family from before they joined the Foundation. Anomaly expressed shock and then suspicion while denying any knowledge of faculty members' families or personal lives. Further questioning required.

-XXXX recommended physical tests to see if they retained allergies they had as a child. When questioned anomaly refused to share past, but expressed not knowing its age. It refused to respond to further questions.

//While in a coma multiple tests were conducted and the results have been moved to [DATA REDACTED].

Electrokinesis- Electrical Manipulation
Fulgurkinesis- Electrical Discharges and Lightning
Cryokinesis- Control of Ice
Atmokinesis- Psychic Manipulation of the Atmosphere
Astrakinesis- Manipulation of Astral Energy
Aerokinesis- Air Manipulation
Hydrokinesis- Metaphysical Manipulation of Liquid (Commonly Water)
Chronokinesis- Time Perception Manipulation
Chromokinesis- Color Manipulation

With dark skin and brilliantly green eyes SCP-YYYY is seen as the antithesis of SCP-XXXX. His ashen hair and grey tattoos.