Sinburner's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-3103

Class: Euclid Keter

Containment Procedure: SCP-3103 is contained in a 16 m3 cell with a remotely locked door and an airlock. CTV cameras are located in the North West and South East corners of the cell. Under no circumstance should any staff attempt to contact or study SCP-3103 as no sedatives have been found to work due to SCP-3103 necrotic stage. Since the incident in 2009, SCP-3103 has become overly hostile towards all Foundation Staff and will attack on sight. SCP-3103 needs human cadavers to keep itself docile, the refrigeration unit across from SCP-3103's cell is to be used to maintain SCP-3103.

Processing Cadavers: Any freshly dead authorized for use in SCP-3103's containment, the following modifications are to be preformed on the cadaver:

  • Remove Lips
  • Remove Eyelids
  • Remove Nose
  • Remove Ears
  • Remove external genitalia
  • Remove Finger/Toe Nails
  • Dislocate all joints
  • Shave body
  • Preform Y incision on chest

In the event that a whole body is not available follow this procedure:

  1. Look for the most complete body within the refrigeration unit
  2. Supplement missing part(s) with appropriate appendage(s)
  3. Place part(s) in provided Foundation-issue body bag

Do not put multiples of the same appendage in the body
After a full cadaver is procured, place the cadaver in the airlock. After closing and securing the airlock SCp-3103's cell is opened remotely so SCP-3103 can collect needed parts. Once SCP-3103 returns to it's cell close the cell door and sanitation is to enter the airlock.

Refrigeration Unit: Spare cadavers that are not morphologically manipulate by any other SCP, any terminated personnel, and personnel that had died of natural causes are to be placed inside this unit to be later processing (see Processing Personnel). Clothing is to be removed and place in nearby bin for collection. Parts are to be assort by morphology, e.i Left and right hands should be separate.

Schedule: Every 5 years a cadaver must be presented to SCP-3103 for containment.

Description: SCP-3103 has two forms, a docile stage that progresses into it's actual form. The docile form, labeled SCP-3103-A is a single humanoid with predominate male features, standing 2.02 metres tall which fluctuates 3 to 9 centimetres. The skin tone is dependant on recently processed personnel which will begin to drain in colour to a light grey after 1 year. SCP-3103-A does not have external genitalia, or umbilicus as these are lost in SCP-3103-A's maintenance. SCP-3103-A face is not affected by differing skull shapes. SCP-3103-A's skin will begin to rot and dissolve after 5-7 years of inactivity, this is corrected by replacing the necrotic organs and appendages with cadaverous organs and appendages of the same type. Without these maintenance, SCP-3103-A will become an anatomical weave of converted veins, arteries, nerves, and capillaries linked to a heavily mutated heart and brain. Labeled SCP-3103-B, the intelligence of SCP-3103-B is the same as SCP-3103-B resides inside SCP-3103-A. The brain of SCP-3103-B is a black mass of an unknown substance that is seen to be almost fluid with black globe like artifacts that are theorized to be converted eyes that move freely around the mass. The spinal cord is more rigid even though the cord is lacking the skeletal structure. The cord extends from the base of the brain and terminates at the pelvic region. The heart pulsates at a heart rate of 23 beats per minute, but a cross section of an artery shows no cavity for any fluid to flow through. SCP-3103-A is capable of speaking English, Old English, Middle English, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Latin and multiple dialects from Africa including Swahili. Origins of these languages were found in Interviews to have been learned naturally from first hand experience with interacting with native speakers.

Acquisition: SCP-3103 was found serving in the Canadian Military as an interpreter and medic during Operation APOLLO in 2001 assisting United States of America Military in Afghanistan. SCP-3103 was part of a strike team fighting during Operation HARPOON in 2003 which had been wiped out by a mortar barrage from Taliban insurgents. SCP-3103 was confirmed dead by another strike team that swept the area after the offensive had finished. SCP-3103 was reported to have been hit directly by a mortar strike and was only identified by the dog tags found on its remains. SCP-3103 was later seen returning to the forward offensive base camp. Although it was SCP-3103, it was detained on charges of impersonating a military official and was to be transported to local American Air Base for its trial. Foundation Field Agents, under the guise of being al-Qaeda, intercepted the prisoner of war convoy and extracted SCP-3103 with minimum lose of life. Foundation Agents also collected the remains of original SCP-3103-A for testing.

Incident Report: SCP-3103 was originally classed as Euclid and thought only to be an anomalous regenerative entity. SCP-3103 was about to gain friendship of multiple Foundation Staff, Officer ███████████████ being a preferred choice for conversation. The Foundation decided to use Officer ██████ as a means of interviewing SCP-3103. For almost 7 years, Officer ██████ was able to learn a complex and detailed military history of SCP-3103 dating back to 1096, this has yet to be confirmed. On ██-██-2009, SCP-3103 and Officer ███████████████ had began to do another one of the many interviews requested the Foundation, before this SCP-3103 was sociable and safe for staff to engage in. This relaxation on protocol of isolating the SCP-3103 was so that information of SCP-3103 can be attained and examined since attempts and in-depth physical examination had, until the incident in 2009, and been rebuffed. The day started with Officer ███████████████ visiting SCP-3103 to attain Interview #2376 when SCP-3103 began to act strangely. Within the cell, CTV cameras recorded SCP-3103 is seen coughing and expelling a black liquid that grows fibres upon contact with the ground and begins to crawl up SCP-3103's leg. Black liquid soon become limp and none responsive, both SCP-3103 and Officer █████████ have gotten up at this point. SCP-3103's left arm falls apart hitting the ground and rapidly degrades leaving rotten tissue and skeletal fragments. From SCP-3103 arm socket the black fibrous mesh were seen to have slid out as the left arm had fell. At this point the Officer began to scream, SCP-3103 calms the officer and give him instructions to locate and deliver a cadaver for it. Once the officer left the cell, SCP-3103 is observed losing more flesh and bone at a steady rate lasting about 20 minutes. The resualing pile of decomposing flesh and bone and absorbed into SCP-3103 which causes the expansion of the thicker fibres in length with smaller fibres branching off. SCP-3103 is still vaguely humanoid in the upper torso, but the lower body is fibrous mesh in a conical shape reminiscent of a robe.

In the morgue, Officer █████████ demanded a body from the residing technician to present to SCP-3103, the technician refused the officer's demands and attempted to sound an alarm, Officer █████████ render the technician unconscious. Officer █████████ absconded with a cadaver and carries it to SCP-3103. Along the way Officer █████████ was stopped by other security officers whom attempt to arrest him, Officer █████████ attempts to explain that SCP-3103 is in danger. Officer █████████ is detain, the cadaver is left for later removal. Security Officers return for the cadaver only to find SCP-3103 moving towards the corpse. Video footage shows that both security officers opened fire with standard issue MP7 machine guns, SCP-3103, now standing nearly 3 metres tall, quickly closes the gap and engulfs one of the officers. The other officers shots and hits the engulfed officer, presumably killing the officer whom collapses. Mesh from SCP-3103 is seen falling off and soaking the into the ground leaving black stains. Afterwards the deceased officer is torn into by SCP-3103 and seems to enter the body, all the while the other officer is still shooting the body. The deceased Officer is left as the other officer flees, the deceased officer begins to spasm on the ground for a total of ten minutes. The deceased officer is seen getting up from the and proceeds to vomit onto the floor which contained bullet and bone fragment among the black fluid. The reanimated officer then picks up the other corpse and limps towards SCP-3103's cell. Within the cell, SCP-3103 is observed laying the cadaver onto the ground and begins to strip itself of the uniform it had been wearing. SCP-3103 accesses the damage to the reanimated officer and ripping into the chest cavity and began to remove damaged ribs, punctured lungs, ruptured stomach, and various other unidentifiable biological material due to the damage inflicted by the MP7. The face of the reanimated officer began to shift and change to resemble the face of SCP-3103 with slight variations on nose structure, eye placement, and age. SCP-3103 is observed then removing flesh from the cadaver and putting the flesh off to the side, then removes the rib cage and places that also to the side. SCP-3103 then takes undamaged organs from the cadaver and places them in their appropriate place within itself, the black fibres branch out and weave into the newly acquired organs leaving unique black stitching at sites of connection. SCP-3103 suddenly turns and vomits another mass of biological matter, later identified as brain tissue presumable from the reanimated officers cranium. Once the replacement of organs was complete, SCP-3103 places the rib cage into itself, black mesh is seen to weave itself on top of the bone securing it in place. Lastly, the flesh that was set aside is used to close the chest leaving the same black stitching as before. A Response Team was dispatched to secure SCP-3103 and to terminate if needed. SCP-3103 was found naked in it's cell with the fragmented remains of both the officer and the cadaver taken from the morgue. SCP-3103 surrendered without incident. Officer █████████ has been terminated.

Forward: Interviews #1 to #2376 have been removed for further study and analysis. SCP-3103 was thought to be fabricating stories of past military excursion but now the Foundation has verified SCP-3103 serving in WWII as an Officer of the Wehrmacht at the start of the war. Interview #152 has been left for information on the origin of it's condition.

Transcript of Interview #152

Interviewer: Officer ███████████████
Interviewee: SCP-3103

Officer: Well if it isn't my favourite freak of nature?
SCP: Back for more? I thought I scared you off with my horror stories of late.
Officer begins to laugh
Officer: Like I believe your cooky stories, you told me you punched a, what was it, a Jacobo?
SCP: Jacobite, like I had said there was no way I was going to live under Catholic rule again, nothing but trouble for me.
Officer: Hey, what's wrong with us Christians? Get it on with a priest or somethin'?
SCP: No… something worst.
Officer: Here we go.
Sounds of a chair shifting
Officer: Can we get a time and date for this?
SCP: You won't like it, but is was during Urban's tour when he got to my village in Germany.
Officer: Urban? Also you're German?
SCP: Was German, I'm Canadian now, almost proud of it. Canadian's don't have much blood on our hands.
Officer: Who's Urban?
SCP: He was the Pope at the time, Pope Urban the Second. He was touring around looking for recruits for his war.
Officer: A… pope? Like Ratzinger?
SCP: Yeah, the position had changed since my time but yeah, that pope.
Officer: Okay, so a pope was looking for recruits, for what?
SCP: War… a very bloody war.
Officer: Right, when has war ever not been bloody, eh?
SCP: You have the nicety of being far when you kill someone, I didn't. Anyways, after I went through the hoops and hurdles of pilgrimages I joined the fight. We… started with some trouble in the south.
Officer: So it was a local problem?
SCP: No, we had people from France and Italy fighting as well.
Officer: What was happening in Germany?
SCP: Apart from wide spread poverty, nothing, we were marching to fight back the Turks.
Officer: Turkey?
SCP: No not that kind of turk!
Chair shift
SCP: The Muslims were pushing into Christian territory and the Byzantine Empire called for aid.
Officer: Whoa, Empire? When was all this!?
5 second pause, SCP exhales
SCP: 1095th year of our Lord.
Officer begins to laugh
Officer: So you're tell me that you got into a tin can suit of armour and walked all the way to the Promised Land and sword fought people!? I knew you were pullin' my leg, there is no way in hell your from then!
SCP: See, ever time I say something you laugh! What do I need to prove it to you!
Officer: Tell you what, finish the story for the Foundation's egghead then we can talk about that.
SCP: Fine, after we wiped out some civilians in the Rhine that… didn't meet our religious standards the small peasant armies began to roam around with our priests and leaders directing the killing. I found enough wealth to purchase a suit of mail, a kite, and a mace. I… could afford a good sword but I saw that swords took some measure skill to use and I didn't want to wait for training. I ran off from the senseless murdering and found one of the armies on it's way to the real war. The sieges and battles along the way where hard fought, for some anyways. We fought armies, starvation, even plague and it didn't stop us from reaching our goal. Our leaders were spoilt children, something I would have to learn to deal with from then on in ways I had not imagined possible. We marched, walked for years across the world to a place that was promised to be our salvation for our crimes, I saw nothing but pain. From Antioch, we became restless with the bickering of our leaders and set off leaving Bohemond to rule a city filled with nothing but death and disease, we could not wait. Antioch was the last storm we faced for a while, the people afterwards fear our approach and bought our mercy but rarely was it given. I had so much blood on my hands I could not wait to wash them clean from my sins.
5 second pause, SCP exhales heavily
SCP: I was a part of the assault on the North Wall led by Tancred, we broke through into Jerusalem first and sent the defenders and civilians scurrying into their temples and mosques. They-They thought it would protect them! They truly believed that praying would protect them!
SCP begins to laugh
SCP: They had their backs to us, it was quicker then I thought it would be. I… I had others with me in the mosque to help look for spoils, Adalwolf found a boarded off room. We waded through the blood and smashed through the blockade… more civilians in this room too. We found a hatch in that room as well, the lock was old and rusted beyond use so we just destroyed it. There was a ladder leading into a natural cavern… the ladder became slick with all the blood dripping down and my gloves were already soaked. The cavern had one passage, it when down slightly and we walked for… minutes… possibly hours, I don't remember time very well anymore. We walked and walked and walked, my companions were excited at what we would find, I was less so. Something about that cave, so perfectly smooth, no twists in the path, single passage it seemed… unnatural. I remember the walls, no tool marks, worn away as if by water but… there was nothing. Our own torches seemed chocked by the darkness, I was almost ready to flee until we found it, what was at the end of the tunnel. All of this led us to a single… jar.
Officer: A jar?
SCP: A single, sealed, unpainted, undecorated, worn out jar the size of a child. Rocco was more then displeased with this development and stormed back up the tunnel, Adalwolf and Jaques went to examine the thing I was still stunned over why… why was this thing here? What evil did we find? I wasn't paying much attention it anything, being lost in thought was something of a problem of mine, but the next thing I remember is Adalwolf screaming. My eye snapped to the two men in front of me, I see one's helmet began to crumble and break before my eyes, the other man readied his sword. Some black web was wrapped around his his, the armed knight swung his sword catching the other in the neck. The Sword should have cut though but it was stopped, I think I saw more of the black webbing surrounding the blade as if it were holding it in place. The afflicted knight must have been Adalwolf, the other was cursing in French before the other had fell upon him. I saw Adalwolf's mail sinking into his flesh, black tendrils weaving in and out, he grabbed the hilt of the sword in his neck and ripped it out of the web's hold… his hand began to mould onto the hilt, engulfing it! The blade was slick with gore, Jaques was still on the ground begging for his life, Adalwolf drew his own sword, the black webbing etching itself into the blade, and… and began his attack.
Slight pause
SCP: He just… didn't stop, one after another ripping Jaques apart, metal rings and flesh flying through the air. I was frozen, my mind trying to wrap around what was happening I almost heard something behind me. Suddenly Adalwolf shot up, grabbed the cross guard of his corrupted sword and threw it like a javelin towards me. I… I was hit, I looked down and the blade wasn't there but I could feel the empty space, I turn to see Rocco behind me with the sword in his leg. The sword was clean, there was nothing on it, no blood of mine had touched it. I fell into a kneeling stance clutching my stomach, the pain was almost to much, Rocco screaming was deafen by the voices in my head, the gurgling in my chest. Adalwolf walked towards me, Jaques weapon protruding from his arm. Adalwolf walked slowly, his breathing laboured, he suddenly stopped infront of me. His language had changed, it was echoed by a thousand sound in his voice from what seemed to be a theatre of voices, but I understood something… I swore I heard it say "I am sorry". Adalwolf walked past me, Rocco pleas fell on deaf ears as Adalwolf slew him. I… blacked out soon after.
Slight pause
Officer: So you died? Then how are you here?
SCP: I awoke, among the bodies of my companion in the main cavern, the tunnel was sealed by a cave-in. Jaques was opened like a pig, his organs missing, Rocco's left hand was gone, Adalwolf's remains were clinging to the ladder, white like snow. When I got up, my head was pounding, my chest hurt, I pulled Adalwolf's body off the ladder and it crumbled into a white powder. I coughed as I climbed the ladder back into the mosque. The smell of decay was strong, but it was also… sweet to me, I felt invigorated by it. I had not learned what truly happened to me yet, I made my way back to Tancred to report the death of my companions and that a demon was loose in the city.
Officer: So… there's two of you out there?
SCP: No… I don't think so, I'm drawn to death and decay so I assume he is too. I would have found it again in all the years I've been alive… wouldn't I?
Chair shifts
Officer: This is a lot of information for me to process, I'm gonna get this to the eggheads, see if they can make head or tails of it. If there's two of ya out there then we may have a problem.
SCP: I would very much enjoy talking to it.

End of Interview