SCP-XXXX Mother Divine
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: While in its inactive phase, SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a Standard Containment Locker at Site-76. During this period, the object is safe for study on cultural origin. Passcode for the locker is obtainable from any Level 3 researcher and is to be changed weekly.

Four and a half years after the end of SCP-XXXX’s last active phase, it is to be moved to a Group Containment Chamber plated with steel. After transfer to this chamber, the object is to be monitored by video feed by two Level 1 Security personnel who are atheists. Once SCP-XXXX has entered into its active phase, a single D Class subject is to be introduced into the containment chamber and monitored for signs of the object's effects. After said D Class becomes affected, one new D Class is to be introduced to the chamber every day until an instance of SCP-XXXX-1 is created. Two D Class are to be introduced per day at this point to study the group's behavior towards newcomers. As the group grows, introduction of D Class may be increased at the discretion of the Head Researcher. At the first signs of Stage 3, the feed from the cameras is to be cut; monitoring personnel are to be administered Class C amnestics, and the Containment Chamber is to be locked down for two hours. After this time, SCP-XXXX is to be moved back to its storage locker and the remains of all subjects within the chamber are to be incinerated. Any SCP-XXXX-1 instance that isn't present for Stage 3 is to be kept away from SCP-XXXX (see Incident XXXX-Sanders). Lethal force is authorized to prevent access.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a statuette, 31 cm in height, appearing to be made of bronze. Analysis of the composition of the object is impossible, as attempts to take samples or otherwise damage SCP-XXXX result in the offending party being struck with an aneurysm that kills or permanently disables the victim. The object depicts a woman, nude except for a light veil draped over her left shoulder and blowing against her legs. She is sitting on what seems to be a dire wolf (Canis dirus), based on jaw structure and tooth length. SCP-XXXX is similar in artistic style to that of several cultures in the Mediterranean area around the time of the formation of the Roman Empire.

SCP-XXXX’S active phase begins approximately five years following the end of its previous activation. Its active phase is comprised of three stages:

Stage 1: Initial activation and collection of followers
SCP-XXXX, upon activation, will let out a bright (> 170000 lux) flash of white light. Adult humans who expresses religious beliefs that make visual contact with the object after this point will generally feel a strong sense of awe, describing the statue as “beautiful” or “divine”. Any persons who see an image or artist's depiction of the object while in its active phase are similarly affected, and most will do anything within their power to gain access to SCP-XXXX (see Incident XXXX-A). Physical contact with the statue causes the subject (hereafter referred to as supplicant) to stiffen for about three seconds, then relax. The supplicant at this point claims to be able to hear the voice of the woman depicted in the statue, claiming to be “the Mother of All”. After this contact is made, the supplicant will spend hours a day performing acts of worship to SCP-XXXX (ie prayer, singing hymns of praise to an unspecified diety, offering sacrifices of food or valuables, etc.). The statue seems to draw energy directly from its supplicants, as they start to exhibit symptoms of malnutrition and exhaustion. Despite this, they will seek out and attempt to expose more subjects to the object and increase SCP-XXXX’S supplicant pool.

Stage 2: Creation of SCP-XXXX-1
Once the number of supplicants has reached 12 to 20, one of them will approach SCP-XXXX and enter a pose of prayer or meditation. Poses used are similar to those used by the supplicant’s original religion. This period generally lasts fifteen to twenty minutes, and the subject’s vocal chords are altered. At this point, they are considered an instance of SCP-XXXX-1. Structures found within the vocal cords during autopsy of SCP-XXXX-1 specimens allow them to create an anomalous combination of subsonic frequencies while speaking that make adult humans highly suggestable.1. This is used to bring more people to be exposed to SCP-XXXX, as well as to accomplish other objectives that benefit the group of supplicants. The object at this point will create two or three instances of SCP-XXXX-1 per day. The reason for this is presumed to be because of the large amount of energy required for the transformation, as supplicants within 50 meters of the statue report dizziness, intense hunger, and sudden exhaustion during this process. As more supplicants are introduced, the alteration takes less time, and the SCP-XXXX-1 instances become more aggressive in their attempts to bring new subjects to the statue, often attempting to physically carry or drag them if the subject doesn't immediately submit to their influence.

Stage 3: Ascension
The requirements to proceed to Stage 3 are poorly understood at this moment, but generally occurs when the number of supplicants and SCP-XXXX-1 totals between 1██ and 2██. Unconverted supplicants have reported hearing SCP-XXXX saying “Come to me, child” at the onset of this stage. The SCP-XXXX-1 will gather in rings around SCP-XXXX and sit. Unconverted supplicants generally follow suit. All will then begin singing in an unidentified language, in a style remeniscent of a lullaby, as SCP-XXXX starts glowing, gradually increasing in brightness. It appears that atheists are no longer immune to the compulsive effects of the object, however those under the age of 18 are still unaffected. Approximately twenty minutes after Stage 3 begins, SCP-XXXX lets out a flash of light comparable in intensity to the flash that signals the object’s activation. All subjects that view this flash of light are killed instantly. This marks the beginning of SCP-XXXX’s inactive phase.

Incident SCP-XXXX-A
On 12 September 2007, SCP-XXXX activated for the first time under full containment. The object had been kept in Group Containment Cell 15 under constant surveillance since Incident XXXX-Sanders. Shortly following activation, both security personnel that were monitoring the object as well as three of the four researchers assigned to it converged upon Group Containment Chamber 15. Dr. L██████ used his security clearance to allow all five of them to enter the chamber and gain access to SCP-XXXX. Within half an hour, they had brought an additional 17 personnel to be affected by the statue. When Dr. B████ returned from his lunch break, he immediately informed Security of a containment breach and locked down GCC 15. Subsequent testing showed that the only reason Dr. B████ was unaffected was because he was unaffiliated with any religion, and that viewing an image of SCP-XXXX while it is in an active state subjects viewers to its effects. Containment procedures were updated, the file photo of SCP-XXXX was removed, and Dr. B████ was commended for his quick thinking in response to an ongoing containment breach.

Recovery Report
SCP-XXXX was discovered in ███████, Ohio on 9 August 2002 by Agent Kate Sanders, who was working undercover as county sheriff. The entire town of ███████ had been affected by SCP-XXXX, and the deaths were attributed to the formation of a cult that had committed mass suicide.

Incident XXXX-Sanders
Three days after Interview XXXX-Sanders, in which time she seemed to randomly come in and out of the influence of SCP-XXXX, the posted guard released Agent Sanders, stating that he felt sorry for her after talking to her. After autopsy of her body, it was determined that her vocal cords had been slightly altered and thus the degenerated anomalous subsonic frequencies made the guard more sympathetic to her. Agent Sanders proceeded to where SCP-XXXX was being stored temporarily in New Object Intake Storage. She made it to the locker that the object was being stored in before Security terminated her. However, her presence caused SCP-XXXX to enter an active state, affecting the entire Security team and causing a containment breach. It was decided by Site Command that, in order to regain access to the Intake Storage, two hundred D-Class personnel would be introduced to the chamber. The active stage resolved itself in 47 hours, with significant damage to the room caused by the SCP-XXXX-1. Fortunately, no other objects breached their containment lockers. Special Containment Procedures were designed to include a staggered introduction of D-Class personnel in order to reduce the amount of damage done to its containment chamber.