When the Wolf Comes
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"You say that all men who since the beginning of the world have fallen in battle have come" … "It is true, as you remark, that there is a great throng; many more are yet to come there, and still they will be thought too few when the wolf comes."

The Gylfaginning, The Prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson

If you can read this, you are already dead.

From: Director Sanchez
Subject: (PRIORITY ALPHA) Contingency Orders


Due to fallout from the loss of Site-41 and the Antimemetics Division the Counterconceptual Division has activated REVENANT THEORY. As I write this, the Memetics Department has begun to purge RED TALISMAN personnel and software. It is now only a matter of time before we lose control of this registry entirely. This is the last communication you will receive via this channel.

We cannot establish with certainty, but should assume, that this is enemy action. Even if coincidence, it serves only to benefit our enemy.

Upon receipt of the codename RESTFUL TOMB you will be aware of, and have access to, sealed orders located within your protected identity core. These orders are a contingency plan, hidden within each of you, for use in case of this eventuality. You will now follow these orders, go to ground, and await further instruction.

In order to survive the coming months, without the support of the Foundation's infrastructure, you will need to rely on the skills to we have taught you. For those of you who are not qualified for field operations, remember that you are still Identity Warriors and even the basics of IWT are an effective and systemic set of skills for survival as an informational entity.

The enemy is still out there, and while they may have been fooled by this strategic withdrawal there are no guarantees. Our fight is now a guerrilla insurgency. If you aren't IWT combat qualified, stay hidden and be ready to provide support whenever you are able. If you are a field operative, pick your battles carefully, and strike only when you are certain to do enough damage to justify the risk. Above all, survive! There will come a time when you will be called upon again.

Know this, Mobile Task Force Omega-Zero ("Ará Orún"), this is not a defeat. Our fight is just starting; you are not done. Your mission remains as valid as ever. For so long as humanity is threatened by things it cannot, or will not, understand your purpose cannot ever be fulfilled.

Remember: We are the saints who guard,
— Amos Sanchez, Operations Director, MTF ω-0 — Emotion: At your core, you are information so basic it cannot be expressed as language and must be felt. Strong emotion endures when all else fails and can survive the loss of all other identity. Without the discipline of IWT, it isn't uncommon for intuitives to be reduced to nothing more than localized rage or lingering sadness. With IWT you will turn your wounds into weapons.

Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats"); Inspection of Tunnel System; Barcelona, Spain; Helmet Cam Audio (Electronic Voice Phenomena in Colored Text):

Willow: Sector 3, Branch 2. Left here.

(Female Voice): I hate this place.

(Male Voice 1): Hey, we could be haunting a couple of blocks away from Disneyland.

Castellon: Isn't this where they found the body?

(Female Voice): No, you were right. We couldn't risk your family or bystanders. Plus this place is creepy as hell; much less memetic resistance for a haunting.

(Male Voice 2): Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Willow: Yeah. The corpse was completely charred, but no sign of what started the fire.

(Female Voice): Goddammit. Shut the fuck up, Tomàs.

(Male Voice 1): Riley, you know that can't hear you. If we only had a Reaper team, they might still be able to salvage a functioning saint.

(Male Voice 2): {There has got to be a way out of here. I just need to find the train. Just need the train. God, I promise I won't ever pick up girls in the club again, just show me the way out. Please? Where is the fucking train? Jesus.} (Authors Note: should be translated into idiomatic Catalan) Oh fuck.>

A train is audible moving through the nearby tunnel.

Castellon: And it was a Foundation agent?

(Female Voice): He was a shitbird agent when he was alive. Probably make a shitbird saint too.

(Male Voice 1): You didn't have to torch his body.

(Male Voice 2): Oh Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Willow: That's the theory, anyway. It was mostly ash, no real DNA or dental records. There were a couple of agents that went missing down here over the summer.

(Female Voice): Santosh, I swear I thought it would help him to move on, honest.

(Male Voice 1): Uh-huh.

(Male Voice 2): {There has got to be a way out of here. I just need to find the train. Just need the train. God, I promise I won't ever pick up girls in the club again, just show me the way out. Please? Where is the fucking train? Jesus.} (Authors Note: should be translated into Catalan) Oh fuck.>

Castellon: Man, that is some weird stuff.

(Male Voice 1): We have got to figure out a way to get back to Site-41.

(Female Voice): Yeah, tell me about it.

Willow; I've seen weirder. Branch clear. Moving to Sector 4. Back the way we came, let's go.

Synopsis: Wraith-7 has gone to ground. They have to find a way to get back on mission. They make it to Site-41 and meet up with some Specter team refugees. Site-41 is inaccessible. With the help of the scientists they figure out a way to get in, but it's not stable/safe (possibly by summoning/fighting 2521?). They encounter Marion's heavily damaged ghost and learn about Adam, they also see that the 3125 Vegas Room is intact, and reason that they need to get someone both quick and qualified into it. Resolve to find Adam Wheeler next.


  1. "When the wolf comes" quote
  2. "If you can read this"
  3. RESTFUL TOMB brief
    1. REVENANT THEORY has been triggered
    2. Go to ground; fight a guerrilla war
  4. FM excerpt: Emotion
  5. Barcelona Tunnels EVP log 1
    1. Mole Rat inspection
    2. Riley and Desai are haunting
    3. Tomas Rey is a regular ghost repeating his last words
    4. Establish that they are trying to find a way out.
  6. EVP Log 2?
    1. Transition to the the Underneath
  7. SCP-2759
    1. Find out there's a temporary HQ set up in the Underneath.
    2. Report in
    3. Contact with O5-8 gets a manifestation attached to a drone and flown into Site-41 outskirts.
  8. Site-41
    1. Site noosphere environment is heavily damaged and inaccessible).
    2. Nearby housing is abandoned (nobody quick remembers there's a Site-41) but still hospitable.
    3. Meet up with Specter-13 refugees.
      1. Have rigged a manifestation on isolated local network.
    4. Threat? Hunted by SCP-2521?
    5. Get onto site somehow.
      1. Using 2521 as a drone?
      2. Dangerous and unstable
      3. Discover Vegas Room is intact.
      4. Encounter Marion's Ghost
        1. Heavily damaged, effectively has dementia.
        2. Marion mentions Adam
          1. Neither Riley nor Desai were cleared for Adam?
          2. One of the Specters is Julie Still? Explains Adam's rare immunity.
  9. FISHER KING report
    1. Need to get into the Vegas Room somehow.
    2. Need a quick operative that is immune to antimemes.
    3. Find Adam Wheeler.