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XK: Andruss

Jack closed the case on his tablet as the train pulled into station.

It was a remote station, and all that could be seen were plains of wildgrass for miles around. The plains were golden with the coming Autumn, and the distant mountains were tinted blue by the thick atmosphere.

The nearby building looked like any old nuclear research center, and in a way it was. They certainly did do research there, so it's cover as a research center wasn't far from the truth, and it gave them a good excuse to give it such a remote location.

Jack boarded the electromagnetic train with the tablet under his arm.

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Figure A: The final frame streamed from hidden camera placed in Experiment NUMBER-7. Note strange distortions of unknown origin.

Item #: XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-XXX's immobility and the entrance's visibility to the public, undercover Foundation agents are to pose as employees of the building containing SCP-XXX while looking for suspicious activity.

After discovery, the entrance door to SCP-XXX was fitted with a blast-resistant locking mechanism. It requires two passcodes to be unlocked (Respectively denoted as XXX-C1 and XXX-C2). Each passcode is assigned to an arbitrary member of the Foundation with Level-2 Clearance or greater by 05-█. The assigned members are not permitted to be within 5 kilometers of eachother, nor use a telephone or Internet-enabled device without supervision from another member with Level-3 Clearance who has been briefed on SCP-XXX.

To prevent lost of access to SCP-XXX, members delegated a passcode will be fitted with a heart monitor which will automatically replace their respective passcode with a new randomly generated passcode in case of their death. The newly generated code will be securely and automatically transmitted to 05-█, who will delegate the passcode to a new person, as per 05's discretion.

After Experiment XXX-2, all persons inside SCP-XXX must be evacuated by 2145 hours EST, or immediately when SCP-XXX-1 requests that they leave.

Description: SCP-XXX is located behind a maintenance storage door in The ███ ████ ██████ ███████ Main Building, NY, USA (This door is now classified as SCP-XXX-2). The maintenance storage room had existed since the building's opening in May 23, 191█. Although records show that neither SCP-XXX-2 nor the corresponding closet were in the floorplans, attention was never raised to its abnormal existence until the regular closet space behind SCP-XXX-2 was replaced with SCP-XXX in year 20██.

The discovery of SCP-XXX followed on May 23, 20██, when a custodian in the building opened SCP-XXX-2 at 2158 hours EST, attempting to return a mop bucket and several cleaning supplies to the closet. The sight of the sudden change induced panic, after which he fled the building and entered a nearby police department. Before investigation by police, The Foundation was notified by an undercover agent on the police force, and MTF-██ was dispatched to administer amnesiacs to the custodian and involved officers. MTF-██ secured the location and the door leading to SCP-XXX at 2245 hours EST. Undercover agents were posted in the building to watch for any suspicious activity, and experimenting began the next day.

SCP-XXX appears as an underground library, the only entrance and exit appearing to be SCP-XXX-2. A short flight of stairs precedes entrance into the lobby. Attempts to "tunnel in" to the structure fail. Researchers have concluded that SCP-XXX-2 acts as a form "portal" into the library. The space inside the library is far too large to be contained within the entire city.

In the library there is a front desk where sits an elderly caucasian woman, denoted SCP-XXX-1. She identifies as "Margerie," and claims to be the librarian. To this date, no other person has ever been discovered within the library. After Exploration IV, a lone suited main was seen from a distance wandering amongst the shelves. This unidentified person has not been seen again. Calling out for assistance will always summon SCP-XXX-1 to help almost immediately, regardless of physical distance from the front desk. SCP-XXX-1 has been helpful in learning more information about the nature of SCP-XXX (See Interview Log XXX-A).

The library contains what appears to be innumerable large hardcover books, each identical in shape and size. Each book has a cover of only one of three colors: red, blue, and green. Covers have no outwordly identifying characteristics, except for on the spine, where the embossed text "Volume [NUMBER]" appears. Books are arranged in sets, each set all with the same color. Sets have ranged in size from 1 to 68 volumes. No particular ordering of individual sets has been determined.

Each set has been determined to correspond to a person, be that person living, dead, or yet to be born. The first page of each volume within a set contains (1) the name of the subject in large and bolded text, (2) the exact date and time of their birth, and (3) the exact date and time of their death. The sets have been found to be a highly detailed and complete narration of their subject's life, from moment of birth until moment of death.

Volume 1 always opens with a prologue. The prologue is an average of ten pages long, and most often contains an account of [REDACTED].

Following the prologue is Chapter 1, an incredibly detailed and highly accurate account of everything that happened to the subject, and also every action taken by the subject. Chapter 1 seems to end exactly one solar year after the subject's birth. Chapter 2 follows where Chapter 1 ended. Any given chapter n recounts the nth year of the subject's life. Chapters continuously span over the multiple volume's within a subject's set. When each volume ends, the next volumes begins exactly where the previous left off. Each chapter begins with a short summary of its contents.

The final chapter in the final volume of a set is an abnormally greusome and extremely detailed account of the moment of death. All types of death contain similarly detailed accounts, regardless of how violent a death may have been. After the final chapter, there is an epilogue, which gives an account of [REDACTED]. Following the epilogue, there is usually a large block of text that reads "Sequel to [SUBJECT'S NAME]'s story is coming soon!" It seems that only half of red sets have this "advertisement" on the final page.

The author and publisher of these books is currently unknown.

Addendum: It is yet unknown whether SCP-XXX will permanently remain behind SCP-XXX-2 or will move to another location.

The following are experiments and explorations performed within SCP-XXX.

Logs of Explorations
Logs of Experiments

Explorations of SCP-xxx