SCP-2059, The Blood-Hunter ideas

Class: Keter
SCP-2059 is to be kept inside his containment cell at all times. Inside his cell there is to be no remains of any living object and must be made of pure palladium. No personnel are to enter his containment cell. Outside his cell must be guarded by no less than 500 security personnel all armed with palladium-laced bullets. Please note that palladium does not appear to harm him, it is the only known thing to deal non-lethal damage. There is no known way to deal lethal damage to SCP-2059. All guards surrounding the cell must be given sound dampers.

- Two (2) large scaly muscular arms 6 ft in length each, and 2 albino human-like arms 3 ft in length attached to the elbows of previous arms.
- Large arms have proportionate talons, human-like arms have steel-hued claws like a fur-less bear
- Legs and Feet similar to a horse.
-Eyes appear to have no pupils, and are as the color of molten gold.
-Mouth begins similar to bull, then three rows of jagged teeth protrude outwards, with two pairs of pincers, forming a cross when closed, on either edge of the semi-quadrilateral mouth.
-Bat-like wings starting from the wrist of Large Arms and is 48 ft in length. Unknown if they have any purpose.
-Nearly all else not described is as a large wolf, whole body equals about 12 ft long and weighs around 375 lbs.
-Appears to have vast influence over living creatures, and this influence appears to be sound based.
-No known way to kill SCP-2059.
-I.Q. Higher than any known being
-Capable to break most pure metals with few exceptions
-no attempts to speak with SCP-2059 have been made
-Appears to "re-animate" the dead, and may only require one(1) organ or limb.
-Capable of releasing a bloodcurdling scream, killing those within one-hundred (100) yards and deafening those two-hundred (200) yards past in a cone shape. Despite it appearing sound based, it appears to move close to the speed of light1
Anyone wanna Photoshop something that looks like my version of SCP-2059?