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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-3XXX, from SCP-3XXX-B through to SCP-3XXX-K, are to be stored in a padlocked crate in Warehouse-████ under surveillance by CCTV. All personnel below clearance level ██ are forbidden from opening the box or interacting with instances of SCP-3XXX. Personnel are forbidden from reading any instance of SCP-3XXX.

Locations at which instances of SCP-3XXX were discovered (designated SCP-3XXX-A-1 through SCP-3XXX-K-1) are to be sealed from public access and monitored for anomalous activity, although none has yet been observed.

Individuals affected by SCP-3XXX (currently SCP-3XXX-A-I, SCP-3XXX-A-II, SCP-3XXX-A-III, SCP-3XXX-A-IV, SCP-3XXX-B-I, SCP-3XXX-B-II, SCP-3XXX-C-I, SCP-3XXX-D-I, SCP-3XXX-D-II, SCP-3XXX-D-III, SCP-3XXX-E-I, SCP-3XXX-F-I, SCP-3XXX-G-I, SCP-3XXX-G-II, SCP-3XXX-H-I, SCP-3XXX-I-I, SCP-3XXX-J-I, SCP-3XXX-K-I, SCP-3XXX-K-II and SCP-3XXX-K-III) are to be kept for 3 months in containment cells for observation and research. If no anomalous properties are observed beyond the obvious effect on their quality of life, they are to be released, though monitoring must be maintained.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a collection of 10 documents which have been recovered from recently-abandoned urban areas around the world. These documents appear in various forms: most commonly a loose bundle of lined paper, but also a spiralbound notebook, a 2014 diary, a series of messages scrawled on the backs of $1 bills, lines of graffiti on a concrete wall (extracted for containment via pneumatic drill), and a .txt file saved on a laptop.

Discoveries of SCP-3XXX are accompanied by confusion in the local population, characterized by conflicting memories. Most locals will remember the area in which SCP-3XXX was discovered as having been abandoned for a much greater length of time than records indicate - when in fact, the area has usually been vacated only within the last month. Discoveries of SCP-3XXX are also accompanied by the disappearance of an individual from among the local population, usually of a young adult with a history of mental health issues. In some instances (SCP-3XXX-A, SCP-3XXX-D, SCP-3XXX-E and SCP-3XXX-J), these individuals have also vanished from the collective memory of the population.

Vanished individuals associated with SCP-3XXX are recorded as having attended an appointment with a psychiatrist named Dr John Edwards Singular. Attempts to trace Dr Singular have proven fruitless.

All instances of SCP-3XXX appear to have been written by this missing individual, describing their exploration of the dilapidated urban area in which the instance was discovered. The explorer is beset by monsters (the descriptions of which vary) and other obstacles. As the exploration log continues, the explorer will invariably grow unstable and disturbed, before eventually succumbing to both madness and to the monsters which have been pursuing them. All instances (including the .txt file) end in a dramatic trail of ink and blood.

Upon each new individual reading an instance of SCP-3XXX, the exploration log will grow longer and more intricate, involving new locations (always abandoned, except for the monsters). After a certain number of individuals (between 3 and 4) have read the texts, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Analysis of instances of SCP-3XXX has revealed that the paper (or concrete, or circuitry) contains trace elements of human DNA. Tests have concluded that this matches the DNA of the local missing person.

Addendum: Please refer to SCP-3XXX-A Exploration Log for a collection of documents pertaining to the first discovered instance of SCP-3XXX.