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Software Rendered Exploded-View Diagram of SCP-3754. (Rotated on its side for viewing purposes)

Item #: SCP-3754

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3754 is to be kept on its customized stand (Optimized to efficiently hold the unique mass of the item). The room has blast-resistant and radiation-proof walls, four(4) floodlights in the corners of the room angled directly at SCP-3754. The various stands are made up of a Tungsten-Titanium alloy for maximum rigidity and strength.

Description: SCP-3754 is a part of an engine (presumably of alien nature[addendum 1]). It is 434.6m across and 63.2m high.

Composition testing of the item reveals it to be ███████████ [Zd] (listed on The Foundation's expanded table of elements). The mass of SCP-3754 is estimated to be 2'674'645,448kg. This is what calls for the extremely strong support stands.

This part of the engine appears to be the power source and thrust device of the missing full engine, constantly utilizing its five(5) fans to propel itself away from the centre of itself. This would destroy normal matter but due to the nature of ██, it is left intact, however, the research team working on SCP-3754 hypothesize that the stress caused by this outwards force is instead redirected downwards by the spherical object in the centre of SCP-3754.

The spherical object in the centre is confirmed as a site of matter/antimatter fusion. As we have not been successful in viewing the inside of this sphere, the origin of the materials needed for this type of energy is unknown. The extreme energy given off by this reaction is what calls for blast-resistant walls (see Special Containment Procedures).