Scp-3745 "vengeful grass"


Scp-3745 is to be provided with 24 pounds of fertilizer daily and mowed once per month if ignored it shall be upgraded to a hazmat team armed with weed wackers

Scp-3745 is a 10' by 10' lawn that forms into various forms when a human steps on it and will attack them but seems to have only a distaste for the organization and will not harm any D class personnel willingly

There are five forms scp-3745 will take upon agitation

Scp-3745-2 is a humanoid figure that has a pair of retractable thorns on it wrists and will attempt to protect any D class that a guard approaches

Scp-3745-3 is a quadrupedal figure standing 7 feet tall and attempts to attack with 2 mushroom-like growths that emit spores which convert non d class personnel into more scp 3745-2 instances

Scp-3745-4 is a octopodal creature resembling a spider except for two extra limbs which end in blade like growths and is capable in both Melee and ranged combat

Scp-3745-5 is humanoid which floats 1 foot off the ground and utilizes a unknown energy to attack and defend

Scp-3745-6 is the only incarnation of scp-3745 capable of flight and attacks by extending 4 vines on it's underbelly

It is unknown as of [redacted] how scp-3745 knows whether or not a person is a D class personnel

Experiment log

Subjects:scp-3745 1 D class personnel and 1 guard both placed on scp-3745

Result:2 instances of scp-3745-3 formed and converted the guard and then comforted the D class

Subjects:scp-3745 2 D class personnel dressed as guards

Results:scp-3745 gripped the feet for ten seconds and released them then grew two scp-3745-4 around them and they began to exhibit anamolous properties associated with neither them nor scp-3745
Notes:scp-3745 appears to show compassion towards all humans accused of crimes they didn't commit and is capable of granting anomalous properties like fire manipulation and being a living hive

Notes for future tests: do not open for door to chamber for extended periods of time (we're still cleaning up area 14)


Procedure: immersion in flame

Results: burned for 15 minutes then stopped when dew spontaneously settled on it


Procedure:immersion in other harmful substances

Results: the same voice made a similar statement for every element and method scp-3745 was exposed to.

It has attempted to communicate by forming letters out of bushes it has made the following statements

I would like more People to gift(scp-3745 then proceeded to grow in a way that caused a containment breach and the ensuing fight resulted in the overgrowth and fortification of the D class wing)

I am trying to free all safe and non lethal scps

I find you mortals fascinating

All attempts to mow the D wing was met with failure and several stationary forms were encountered

scp-3745-7 appears to be a normal mushroom but has the same effect on humans as the spores emitted by scp-3745-3

scp-3745-8 attacks by extending a vine at the target,which is then turned into scp-3745-2

scp-3745-9 is a humanoid torso which launches small,quadrupedal creatures that serve as mobile spore factories and can hide in any vent that is less than 1 meter is presumed that the spores have a short air life

scp-3745-10 acts as a medic and hatchery for the forces produced by scp-3745