Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 and the surrounding area for 20 km in all directions has been closed off to the public under the guise of a nature preserve. On-site staff, posing as park rangers, are to deter hikers and campers from trespassing. Preferential assignment is to be given to female agents. Staff are to receive regular updates of local weather patterns. In the event that a thunderstorm is projected to pass over the summit of SCP-XXXX-1, a thorough patrol is to be made of the surrounding area before retreating to one of three storm shelters installed around SCP-XXXX-1.

Current containment procedure calls for a single male D-Class in good health between the ages of 20 and 35 to be dropped off near the base of SCP-XXXX-1 before a thunderstorm. The D-Class is to be issued a notebook and pen and encouraged to keep a detailed journal of the following events. Following the storm, Foundation personnel are to conduct a search of the slopes of SCP-XXXX-1 to recover the body and submit the journal, if discovered, for archiving.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to the phenomenon that occurs in the area around Norwegian mountain █████████ (SCP-XXXX-1) whenever a thunderstorm passes over the summit. An adult person on the slopes of SCP-XXXX-1 or within a 4 km radius will be struck by lightning and transported to an unknown location. If multiple persons are present, SCP-XXXX appears to prefer males over females, those in good health over those with ailments or disabilities (poor vision, broken/missing appendages, etc), and those closer to the age of 25 over those significantly younger or older.

All reports of what happens to a subject after being struck come from written reports, as all electronic equipment carried by subjects ceases to function after being struck. Subjects report regaining consciousness at the base of a mountain very similar to SCP-XXXX-1, but several times taller (SCP-XXXX-2). Current best estimate places the height between 14 km and 17 km from base to peak. Subjects frequently disregard the area surrounding SCP-XXXX-2. The few descriptions available describe it as a "place of darkness".

While on SCP-XXXX-2, all subjects experience a profound desire to reach the summit. Subjects frequently record the belief that an item of great importance must be retrieved from the top of the mountain, with a sword and a crown being the two most popular. Less common beliefs include expecting to find a deceased love one at the summit, believing the summit is the entryway to the afterlife, or simply believing that reaching the summit will allow them to return to our universe again.