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Item #: SCP-1536

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1356 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell on-site, and allowed daily rations. SCP-1536 is allowed free roam of Site-17, with the restriction of entering designated SCP containment and off-limits areas unauthorized. General access permissions to be equal to that of D-class personnel. All requests from or on behalf of SCP-1536 are to be submitted to Dr. █████████ for consideration, and granted with confirmation from at least one Level-3 clearance staff member. SCP-1536 is to follow standard curfew and food schedules for D-class personnel, but is allowed to spend free time as it pleases.

In the event of a security breach or any other form of emergency on-site, SCP-1536 is to be escorted to the nearest Breach Control post relative to its position, and is allowed security-level access to surveillance equipment and/or medical supplies; if necessary. Said access is to be revoked following the termination of immediate danger to Site-17.

Description: SCP-1536 appears to be a Caucasian male approximately twenty-four (24) years of age with an above average build, roughly 1.8m in height and 75.2kg in weight, black hair and blue-grey eyes. SCP-1536 speaks fluent English, with an accent described as ‘Bostonian’ by some. The Subject's only outwardly anomalous physical property is the large pair of wings that protrude from its shoulder blades. When fully extended, they have a measurement of close to 4.9m from end-to-end. Subject shows apprehension and uncertainty when approached about the possibility of attaining flight, although it would most likely be possible, according to Dr. █████████.

SCP-1536 was recovered on █/██/20██ from the [REDACTED] Church in ███████ ██████████, Maine, when a Foundation investigation and recovery team was dispatched to the site. An in-bedded agent in the ██████████ Police Department had contacted the foundation when ██ reports were filed about an unknown object landing on the local church. The unconscious body of SCP-1536 was discovered among the wreckage, and transported to Sector-██ for investigation and possible questioning. Cover story was deployed, the object was said to be a small meteorite that was taken to a local research center. Amnesiacs were not required.

After being recovered, all external injuries on the Subject healed at an accelerated rate – showing noticeable improvement in second-degree burns and severe lacerations from the time of recovery to the time of arrival at Sector-██. SCP-1536 remained in a comatose state for forty-two (42) hours before regaining consciousness.

Upon the Subjects awakening, Dr. █████████ attempted an interview.

SCP-1536 was unable to recall any details regarding its past in all █ interviews conducted within the following week. Further interviews were suspended per request from the Subject, and granted by Dr. █████████. Subject was transferred to Site-17 after [DATA EXPUNGED] a danger to Foundation staff. Testing began days later.