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SCP-3284, prior to transformation 3284-a

Item #: SCP-3284

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3284 is to be populated by no less than four (4) armed guards at any given time. No personnel are to be stationed on SCP-3284. (See Document 3284-02). SCP-3284 cannot be contained in its current position of ██████°N, ██████° W without drawing unwanted attention to the Foundation, all protection procedures are to be focused on preventing transformation 3284-a and reversing it if it should occur. Thus, a GPS tracking device is to be securely attached to SCP-3284 at all times. All residents living within 20 km of SCP-3284, as well as tourists visiting the area, should be informed that SCP-3284 is a nuclear waste site and that they should stay at least 2 km away from SCP-3284 at all times. Should anyone visit SCP-3284 and become an instance of SCP-3284-1, they are to be terminated via sniper rifle. All persons that witnessed SCP-3284-1 or the movement of SCP-3284 are to be administered Class-A amnestics, and a cover story is to be told to anyone who knew SCP-3284-1 before death.

Description: SCP-3284 is a small tropical island approximately 0.4 kilometers in diameter. The island is densely populated with flora and fauna, having multiple species recorded there in permanent populations despite the size of the island. Scattered around SCP-3284 are twenty-seven (27) twenty-eight (28) fully intact human skeletons, designated as instances of SCP-3284-2. Each instance of SCP-3284-2 is equipped with a weapon, ranging from the 13th century to the 19th century. Weapons carried by SCP-3284-2 instances vary from instance to instance. Currently, foundation personnel have recorded cutlasses, blunderbusses, muskets, and boarding axes. SCP-3284-2 instances cannot be dismantled or damaged when they are on SCP-3284, and, although removing SCP-3284-2 instances from SCP-3284 is possible (which results in said instance to lose all anomalous properties), a new SCP-3284-2 instance will materialize on SCP-3284, 1 to 8 hours later. Security footage has been successful at viewing this event.

There is an opening in the foliage visible from the side of SCP-3284 that leads into a tunnel. This tunnel leads downwards for 50 meters, at an average slope of 30 degrees. Eventually, the slope evens out, leading into a massive room, illuminated by torches attached to the walls. These torches, despite contact with water and an estimated 500 years of not being replaced, have not been put out, and it appears they cannot actually be put out. In the center of the room is an exceptionally large pile of precious metals, jewelry, and artifacts, ranging from creation in the 19th century, to creation in 10th century. The total calculated worth of this entire pile, factoring in additional value from antiquity, estimates at 2.3 billion US currency.

Atop the pile is a black tricorn hat, adorned with a gold trim and a long, red feather. If a human subject places this hat upon their head, it will affix itself to its position. The subject then becomes SCP-3284-1, and transformation 3284-a immediately begins. In transformation 3284-a, SCP-3284, SCP-3284-2 instances, and SCP-3284-1 undergo a series of drastic changes, all of which finish under the span of 53 seconds. In the transformation, all SCP-3284-2 instances, despite producing no vital signs, are fully animated, seemingly able to perform all of the same functions as a normal human (despite consumption of foods, sexual activity, or verbal communication, which they appear to have no need for). All SCP-3284-2 instances are subject to telepathic order from SCP-3284-1, and will resume animation until SCP-3284-1 is deceased. Shortly after the animation of all SCP-3284-2 instances, 4 cannons emerge on both the south and north side of SCP-3284 (8 cannons in total). X-ray testing and metal detection has not shown these cannons to exist before transformation 3284-a. These cannons never appear to run out of ammo or need reloading, and are fired by telepathic command from SCP-3284-1. Each cannon has full 360 degree rotation potential on the X, Y, and Z axis, and are fully independent of each other's rotation. In transformation 3284-a, SCP-3284 will “detach” itself from the ocean floor by instating a stage of hyper-erosion underneath it. Once SCP-3284 is fully detached, it will stay afloat, despite having a higher density than salt water. SCP-3284, in this stage, can propel and turn itself via unknown means, reaching speeds of up to 50 km per hour. It is directed from SCP-3284-1’s telepathic order.

In transformation 3284-a, SCP-3284-1 gains telepathic control over SCP-3284 and all instances of SCP-3284-2. SCP-3284-1’s pupils, irises, and scleras turn entirely blue, and appear to function as a light source, however, SCP-3284-1 isn’t rendered blind. In transformation 3284-a, SCP-3284-1’s personality and memories are entirely swapped to a consciousness consistent with all SCP-3284-1 specimens. The consciousness identifies himself as Captain Voleur. He seems to be highly educated in naval warfare, as well as skilled in quick-thinking and general military strategizing. Captain Voleur is highly arrogant in personality, and seems to have no concern for human life. When left unchecked, SCP-3284-1, using SCP-3284 and all instances of SCP-3284-2, will raid coastal towns, cargo ships, and cruise liners for precious metals and jewels.

Transformation 3284-a can only be reversed by the death of SCP-3284-1. While SCP-3284-1 is immune to disease and requires no water or nutrition to survive, they seem to have no special resistance to physical trauma, and can be easily terminated via a gunshot to the head. Upon SCP-3284-1's death, the tricorn hat that triggers transformation 3284-a will instantly combust, and re-materialize atop of the pile where it was originally found.

Document 3284-01 (regarding incident 3284-01): Mobile task forces managed to contain an instance of SCP-3284-1. The instance was taken to a temporary site, named site-██-█, on the coast of ████████, Florida for an interview to be conducted by Dr. Ving. The interview log was lost when, in the middle of the interview, SCP-3284 fired four (4) solid iron cannonballs towards the outer wall of site-██-█, killing Dr. Ving and allowing SCP-3284-1 to board SCP-3284. 12 instances of SCP-3284-2 entered the facility, killing 28 staff members and looting the jewelry of multiple dead staff members before re-boarding SCP-3284. SCP-3284 rapidly began to sail away from site-██-█ into open ocean. Two apache attack helicopters were sent after SCP-3284. The first apache attack helicopter was shot down by cannon fire from SCP-3284, the second apache attack helicopter managed to destroy SCP-3284-1 with a long range missile. The stolen jewelry was subsequently discovered within SCP-3284's "treasure hoard".

Document 3284-02 (regarding incident 3284-02): On █/█/20██, one (1) of the four (4) armed guards stationed on SCP-3284 disappeared completely. No video footage or first person accounts have detailed how he disappeared. The incident was to be disregarded as unrelated to SCP-3284, until on █/██/20██, when one (1) new instance of SCP-3284-2 materialized on SCP-3284. SCP-3284 was reclassified as Euclid.

Addendum 3284-a: SCP-3284 is found to house multiple species from varied circumtropical origins, including, but not limited to, Brachylophus fasciatus1, Psittacula krameri2, and Caesalpinia pulcherrima3. Doctor ██████ expresses concerns of SCP-3284 possibly introducing invasive species in the future.

History: SCP-3284 was found in ██████, Bahamas, after reports from the town of [REDACTED] about attacks from a "floating island" were investigated by the Foundation. Transformation 3284-a was reversed via long range fire from sniper rifle expiring the first discovered instance of SCP-3284-1.