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SCP-XXXX manifestation prior to containment at ███████ Penetentiary, ████ miles from Site-██

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: SafeEuclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is primarily contained at Site-███(originally SCP-XXXX) within a specially made humanoid containment cell constructed using the original basement of the structure. The interior of the containment cell is maintained at a light level no less than 1 Lux at all times by soft-glow LED lights, and blocked by a steel security screen door leading to the rest of the structure. Site-███ is surrounded by a 5-meter wide no-man's-land lit at all times by spot-flood lights, and monitored for containment breaches using laser grid systems in the infrared spectrum. In the event of a breach the structure is equipped with an LED lighting system designed to illuminate the entire structure to a minimum of 1,000 Lux with the exception of closets so that primary containment may be re-established safely.

Residents of Site-███ are to wear clothing that reflects infrared light. Regular psychological evaluations, with particular attention toward children immediately following a containment breach, are mandatory. Feelings of unease are to be reported immediately, and any personnel found to be suffering changes in psychological health they are to be quarantined.

Instances found 'in the wild' are to be intercepted by MTF Mu-13("Ghostbusters"), and contained in 1x1x3 mobile incarceration cells under constant observation until they can be transported to Site-███ for containment. Due to the unusual hunting behavior of SCP-XXXX, individuals infected by SCP-XXXX-2 must be identified and intercepted as rapidly as possible for isolation and treatment. Under no circumstances is SCP-XXXX-1 to be exposed to dark areas or be left alone.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation given to a widespread phenomenon that manifests in the form of paranormal and cognitohazardous apparitions1. SCP-XXXX appears as cohesive, black shadows resembling a human of indeterminate gender between 1.5 and 2 meters in height with square shoulders, poorly defined features, and occasionally dimly lit patches 'eyes'. Whether eyes are present or not, manifestations of SCP-XXXX always appear to be oriented toward the person viewing them; if multiple people are viewing them all will claim to be the focus of SCP-XXXX's attention. SCP-XXXX is generally transparent, with viewers reporting approximately 90% of the time to be able to see most, if not all, objects present behind the manifestation. However, this is only applicable if the light levels inside of the manifestation's chosen habitat are above .5 Lux. Below this threshold SCP-XXXX begins to appear progressively more opaque, becoming completely opaque at .01 Lux. SCP-XXXX is sentient and predatory, but it is not believed to be sapient2.

SCP-XXXX-2 is a cognitohazardous effect generated by SCP-XXXX on victims, referred to as SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-2 is described as an intense feeling of fear or paranoia when viewing dark areas within structures from a reasonably well-lit location. These feelings can be overcome easily in early stages, but without counceling SCP-XXXX-2 gradually begins altering the psyche of SCP-XXXX-1 until which point they become paranoid that they are being followed. Without counceling this paranoia progresses until SCP-XXXX-1 begins to perceive SCP-XXXX in any darkened doorway. It has been demonstrated that for each doorway SCP-XXXX is percieved to be in there is a 10% chance of a new instance spontaneously manifesting. This appears to be how SCP-XXXX 'reproduces'.

SCP-XXXX typically manifests in small rooms within structures when ambient light levels fall below 60 Lux with a difference between areas of approximately 50%. SCP-XXXX will always manifest itself in the area with the lowest available light level. SCP-XXXX is capable of manifesting anywhere, with no known restrictions thus far on how many instances may manifest in the same location3, but a preference has been established for doorways in domestic structures. Despite this preference it has been observed that SCP-XXXX is capable of motion and is highly mobile. Movements of SCP-XXXX is very rapid, and almost always restricted to the furthest extremes of visual range limiting the ability to accurately respond. SCP-XXXX actively hunts humans, showing a preference for younger children or those susceptible to, or suffering from, either Nyctophobia or Sciophobia. This is believed to facilitate SCP-XXXX's means of reproduction.

Hunting behavior consists of aggressively following a victim and attempting to corner it. Once its victim is cornered SCP-XXXX assumes a corporeal form and attacks, consuming the victim by rapidly engulfing them before re-attaching itself to the nearest wall. No change in mass has been recorded in the walls after such an event, and it is unknown where victims are taken or their fate once they are consumed.


Still frame of incident XXXX-19 showing SCP-XXXX in a corporeal state shortly before consuming a victim. Footage recovered from a Nanny Cam in the bedroom of a child of the █████ family.


2 manifestations observed exhibiting unusual stalking behavior toward agent ██████ in ████, ███████ outside of structures on ██/██/████.

Site-███, is an 8-bedroom, 4 bath two-story home roughly 2 Kilometers west of Straid, northern Ireland built prior to the year 1988 and with a floor-area of more than 690 square meters. The structure originally came to the attention of foundation agents after a string of reports detailing strange occurrences at an abandoned home between 1990 and 1992. The structure was deemed 'anomalous' at the time and it was considered of little concern to the foundation until 1995 following the disappearance of local children that had broken into the containment area around the structure. The subsequent investigation revealed the presence of SCP-XXXX, prompting the foundation to revise containment procedures and quickly purchase the land to set up Site-███. Due to the aggressive nature of SCP-XXXX it was deemed imperative to determine if, and where, there were other instances of SCP-XXXX. Shortly after this investigation was launched a string of mysterious missing persons cases were uncovered, and when investigated further it was found that an unusually high number of these cases world wide contained reports of psychological disturbances consistent with what had been reported in relation to Site-███. Interviews conducted with those close to the victims revealed that in roughly 20% of the cases previously described the victim reported seeing what appeared to be 'shadow people' everywhere they went. In all of such cases no signs of foul play or any form of struggle. Squad-222 "Ghostbusters4" was formed to intercept and contain SCP-XXXX.

It is unknown how many manifestations of SCP-XXXX originally existed in the structure prior to containment, however since containment procedures have been instated 95 new manifestations have been relocated to Site-███.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-A: Following experiment XXXX-20 video imaging and recording instruments have been determined not to cause the spread of SCP-XXXX. In light of this infrared cameras have been reinstalled at Site-███, and all researchers assigned to SCP-XXXX are to be thoroughly screened for any psychological abnormalities, stress, etc. both before being allowed access to SCP-XXXX and regularly throughout their assignment.