Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Ecluid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX Has to be cept in a room with the dimensions of 5m x 4m x 3m.
In it's containment area can't be any form of windows.
Under no circumstances should there be any kind of food, drinks or paper in it's room.
SCP-XXX should never be removed from it's containment area, exept for any tests containing water or fire.
Only Class 3 or higer Personnel can enter the room at any time. There should always be 2 or more persons in the room
All persons in the room are to be equiped with glasses and rubber clothing.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a human being of around 20 years, 3.1 meters in height and 29 kilograms in weight.
It's not clear if he's an actual human or not, he seems to have no visible eyes, hair, ears or nose.
He appears to be wearing some sort of clothing, this clothing can't be put off. He has this to camouflage himselfs from the other humans, so they'll think he's one of them.
The only visible thing he has, is a mouth, tough, he can't communicate with us.
He either does not have a brain capacitiy to talk, or does not understand our language.
SCP-XXX would be able to see, hear and smell anything we can. He's not able to take any hearing loss.
He's also not able to take any fall, burning or drowning damage. It's not clear if he can take brain damamge or not.

SCP-XXX has the ability to hypnotise personnel. This can't be stopped, but it can be prevented.
If said personnel is wearing glasses, SCP-XXX is not able to hypnotise that personnel.

SCP-XXX has the needs for pure attention, if personnel enter his containment area, XXX wil target one of them.
He'll start to ask attention and try to hypnotise him. Eventualy, SCP-XXX wil start being agressive.
If said personnel is wearing rubber clothing, it won't physicly effect the attacked personnel.
If the attacked personnel is not wearing rubber clothing, he will feel nauseous, start sweathing, feel pain, can't breath as good, and eventualty, after a couple weeks, he'll die.
The reason for this is not clear yet, and has to be tested.

SCP-XXX will try to eat or drunk human food. If he does so, he will feel sick, and eventualy die.
After a couple days he will revive. This time in a little smaller version. It will also effect his weight.
It's proven that his weight and his lenght will go down with 10% each time he eats something, this means, that after two times dieing, he will still weigh 23,49 kilograms. If he weigh less then 5 kilograms, he'll start evolving into his first form.
How he does this, is not exactely clear yet.

SCP-XXX will try to get paper, paper makes sure he gets red balls on the places where his eyes would be.
This wil give him a little more of brain capaticy, with this, he's able to think and open windows.
If food is given to SCP-XXX, this effect wil drain out.
How he gets more brain capaticy, is not clear yet.

SCP-XXX is almost indestructible, the reason of this, is becusse his skeleton is made of pure titanium.
His hide is fire resistance and he has no sing of active lungs. He probably has no need to breath.
Iff Oxygen would make a way into his brain, he would probably die. For SCP-XXX is Oxygen a kind of poison.

Note: SCP-XXX only appears to be a human being, it's a docile "man", he'll only get agressive iff he don't get any attention at all. There's no reason to fed him, seeing the fact that he can perfectly live without food or oxygen.