The 25th Chromosome
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Item #: SCP-2669

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

All personnel who participated in Experiment 2669-Basileus are to be reassigned immediately to janitorial positions and their clearance levels revoked. They are to be regarded, for all intents and purposes, as instances of SCP-2669. A "Project Mediator" will be charged with observing each instance of the object as they perform their assigned tasks.

Over the next week, SCP-2669-1 through 2669-███ are not to come in contact with any personnel for any reason (save for the Project Mediator and his assistants). Once seven days have elapsed, each item will be covertly terminated (after being rendered infertile) and administered Class A amnestics before being released into society. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-8 will ensure that all offspring of SCP-2669 instances are also rendered infertile.

Description: SCP-2669 is an anomalous chromosome of unknown origin that instills certain desirable traits in humans, including: charisma, intelligence, and creativity. It was first isolated in 1964 after being extracted from the body of ███████ █████████. After a thorough examination of all genes contained within the chromosome, researchers determined that 2669 was not a variation of one of the 24 possible human chromosomes.
Initially categorized as Thaumiel for its usefulness, SCP-2669 was reclassified as Keter immediately after Incident-2669-2. A statement was released by Doctor ████ the following day, defending that decision:

It goes without saying that this cannot happen again. We do not fully understand SCP-2669 yet, but it has become clear to the Foundation that this particular anomaly could prove to be catastrophic if not contained. SCP-2669 leaves its victims highly unstable and prone to bouts of extreme violence.

We realize that morale has been low since the implementation of Procedure 2669-Brutus. Because you deserve an explanation for these seemingly random terminations, we have provided an informative document below that we hope you will find useful in your search for answers.
-Doctor ██████
Project Mediator