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Item #: SCP-2801

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-2801 refers to a software for Linux-based operating systems capable of generating Class-II cognitohazards as audio or image files, using a variety of common file formats. The effects of the hazards generated are determined by user-written code similar in syntax to the C programming language. SCP-2801 was freely distributed on 2017/10/24 on a high-profile hacker forum under the title "Neurocrack", and has since been redistributed multiple times from various sources.

SCP-2801 has demonstrated the ability to create self-propagating cognitohazards - referred to as SCP-2801-11 - that allow for nearly complete control over a host's behavior, including motor control, memory access, and psionic field manipulation, among other aspects. SCP-2801-1 infection can be permanent, and an effective treatment has not yet been found. As of XXXX/XX/XX, over 1,000 unique SCP-2801-1 variants have been identified.

While the user-created nature of SCP-2801-1 variants means very few traits apply to every one, a few generalizations can be made regarding SCP-2801-1 behavior. Although some variants may spread by other means, most SCP-2801-1 variants spread through the use of cognitohazards present in the speech of infected persons. In addition, variants often construct telepathic networks among infected persons, which can then be used for data exfiltration or to remotely control variant behavior.

See Document X3B-2801-RQ for descriptions of all known variants.

Addendum 2801: The following is a timeline of events related to SCP-2801 and SCP-2801-1.

2017/7/15: SCP-2801-A is discovered during testing on SCP-XXXX at Site-19. Test results were inconsistent with previous experiments. This was attributed to the presence of an unknown memetic agent present in D-8937, a D-class personnel using for the test. Further investigation revealed similar agents present in 96% of the personnel in D-8937's assigned barracks.

2017/10/24: SCP-2801 is uploaded to the hacker forum [REDACTED] under the name "Neurocrack" along with instructions for usage and source code for a basic SCP-2801-1 variant.2 The file was available for 7 hours and 114 unique downloads were recorded before the post was taken down by MTF Mu-4 ("Debuggers").
The file was accompanied by the following post:

2017/10/26: SCP-2801-B, -C, and -D are discovered. Each of these three variants are very simplistic and differ very little from the proof-of-concept code, suggesting that they were likely little more than tests. A spike in SCP-2801-A infections is also recorded.