Attila the Pun's sandbox



  • Hello, I am a Doomsday Plague: A deadly virus is capable of manifesting a female human avatar. She seems cold and indifferent at first, but is going through an existential crisis because of her dependence on suffering.
  • The Heretic: Humanity as we know it is the result of a transmuting plague that turns humans from eldritch horrors to hairless apes, shortens lifespan considerably, and causes an irrational disgust/fear of uninfected humans. One of the last uninfected humans - a former O5 - reflects on the situation while in containment.
  • Project Atlas: An research AI created by Prometheus Labs in its twilight years manipulates the scientists' over-reliance on it to become a God.
  • Az-boleth, the Eldritch Christmas Cookie: A Christmas cookie created by one of the researchers for a site Christmas party compels people born between Thanksgiving and New Year's to worship it as a deity. It causes quite a bit of confusion until a D-class eats it during testing. Played for comedy.
  • Schroedinger's SCP (Title Pending): A skip that changes form whenever it is described, either through writing or verbally. Can only be safely described by talking about its previous forms and incidents involving them.


  • Dead Horse: A containment engineer finds that SCP-682 is already dead. All dead. Dead as a doornail.
  • Half Past Midnight: Follows a survivor in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been brought down to only a few hundred people due to a plague. Heavy automation makes survival relatively simple, but loneliness makes life hard to bear. He commits suicide shortly before being found by another survivor. (Doesn't really have much to do with the Foundation, so might want to find somewhere else for it)
  • Memories of Simon: Exploration of the relationship between SCP-3631-1 and -2 through their interaction on the night of -1's capture.

Basic concepts:

  • The universe is populated by Lovecraftian elder gods. They are tremendously powerful. Even trying to comprehend them can drive a man insane. We cannot even light a match to their power. And they are utterly terrified of us.