Somenurd's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-3975

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3975 is kept within a standard containment cell with an airlock at Site 18. Fresh fruit is to be placed into the cell once per day. Any personnel entering the room must wear a full hazard suit before entering.

Description: SCP-3975 is an arthropod of a currently unknown genus. The animal has an exoskeleton with the appearance of a ███████ tombstone radio. Upon inspection, the exoskeleton is composed of a highly resilient form of chitin. SCP-3975 moves very little, often staying in the same spot for days at a time.

SCP-3975-2 is an airborne pathogen emitted constantly by SCP-3975. The substance has little effect on humans in small doses, but prolonged exposure induces a unique four-stage disease (SCP-3975-3). SCP-3975-3 seemingly manifests in primates exclusively; any other animals exposed will only experience strong emesis. See Addendum 3975-3-2

Stage one occurs after 5 minutes of exposure. The subject will begin to experience auditory hallucinations manifesting as music. There appears to be no pattern to the songs heard by subjects, but in all cases the song heard is known by the subject. In certain cases, however, subjects report to hear [REDACTED], accompanied by [REDACTED]. Subjects reporting such hallucinations should be removed from testing immediately.

Stage two follows stage one after 10 minutes of constant exposure. Subjects entering this stage report to experience heightened emotions. They will respond violently to any provocation and

Stage three occurs 15-20 minutes after stage two. During this stage subjects appear to be in a constant state of euphoria. It should be noted that those entering this stage have no perception of pain, likely due to the emotional suppression during this stage.

Stage four occurs 130 - 135 minutes after stage three, with constant exposure. During this stage subjects show behavior similar to the Lasius niger species of ant. Any human that has entered this stage will show fierce protectiveness of SCP-3975, violently attacking anything that gets near. Subjects will attempt to move SCP-3975 to a new location, presumably to spread the influence of SCP-3975. Any personnel showing protectiveness of SCP-3975 is to be terminated to prevent harm to others and the spread of SCP-3975-2.

Note: Halting exposure to SCP-3975-2 halts the progression of the disease, but does not reverse it. At the moment, there is no cure for SCP-3975-3.