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Item number: SCP-BAUB

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: u cant

Description: SCP-BAUB is a 16 y.o. boy who is white, has black hair, has bangs, has a completely different description irl, and has kawaii neko ears and tail. He he an expert realty bender and can do sick kick flips with his skatboard. All the boys and girls love him and give him free food the end

if u downvote this i hate u >:(


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baubius author page — — — — — — — -


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lol is this a cool enough author page for u?

heyo guys its me [[user Sir Baubius]], the only true god, here. this is my author page. wowee. isnt it just soo meta and cool and witty lolol.


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[ Stars, We Are] (scp-2983)


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