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ΛK-Class "Randomization" End-of-Consistency Scenario


An ΛK-Class End-of-Consistency Scenario was originally thought to be a variant of an XK-Class Reality-Failure Scenario. However, on 7/10/2003, the scenario was given an official designation.

Although similar to a Standard Reality-Failure Scenario, an ΛK-Class End-of-Consistency Scenario refers to the gradual decomposition of relevence between topics in discussion, media, nature, etc. This also applies to the laws of physics and reality.

Due to this, certain conceptual subjects and/or constraints may develope an "infectious" trait; whence said concept is introduced in the context of another topic, the recieving concept will instantly begin to deteriorate in terms of consistency.

Eventually, this will lead to the laws of reality becoming incomprehensible, rendering the universe as conceptual chaos; incapable of sustaining time, space, or life.

Where an XK-Class Reality-Failure Scenario would destroy the universe, an ΛK-Class End-of-Consistency Scenario would preserve it for an infinate amount of time. It is unknown whether this would result in the termination of all life or if it would be sustained.