Matryoshka Monsters

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Revision 9:
SCP-XXXX in its current state is kept inside a standard humanoid containment cell. This cell should be fully contained within a secondary larger containment unit. The external cell is 30 x 30 x 15 metres, and reinforced. Access to the containment cell is restricted to similarly reinforced corridors, no larger than 2 x 2.5 metres. The external cell is fitted with a neurotoxin delivery system. Embrasures in the walls of the containment cell allow for arms fire from remotely operated and manned positions into the interior of the cell. Suppression of SCP-XXXX is to be limited, with measures taken to promote incapacitation without inciting a matryoshka event. Breaches of this protocol are grounds for immediate reassignment.

In the case of a containment breach, Mobile Task Force Eta-5 "Jäeger Bombers" is to be deployed for recontainment. In the case of a matryoshka event, Mobile Task Force Eta-5 is to be deployed for support as a precaution, and revision 8 of the Special Containment Procedures is to be reinstated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a set of anomalous creatures of widely varying characteristics. At least 37 instances of SCP-XXXX, designated SCP-XXXX-1 through SCP-XXXX-37, are known to have existed. Instances SCP-XXXX-1 through SCP-XXXX-36 are neutralised. Instances of SCP-XXXX generate sequentially from within previous instances by a currently unknown process.This process is hereafter referred to as a matryoshka event. New instances generate spontaneously from within a previous instance, gaining mass rapidly, and can exit the previous instance with great force. A matryoshka event will always occur following the death of the previous iteration. The existence of other triggers, or the ability of an instance to trigger an event itself, remain subjects of study. Total destruction is not sufficient to prevent a matryoshka event. The size of a new instance is not limited by the size of the previous instance.

Instances of SCP-XXXX have no common biological features, varying greatly in size, genetic makeup, and biology. They commonly have the appearance of known species, or a combination of species, often at a much larger size than found in nature. Of 37 instances, 23 have exhibited some degree of gigantism, usually to the degree that it constitutes a secondary anomalous property of the organism. Genetic analysis has been inconclusive for all instances except SCP-XXXX-37. While large portions of the genetic material matches with expectation, i.e. SCP-XXXX-4 containing material from the genera Panthera and Aquila, previously undiscovered sequences are present in all cases. Several instances have incorporated features and genetics from known anomalous sources. In all instances where sex has been distinguishable, they have invariably been male. Instances of SCP-XXXX generally need only limited food and water to survive, relative to total mass. Despite this, instances may deliberately starve themselves, and generally lack normal self-preservation instincts. Regardless of this, lifespan of the creatures is typically low, with instances generally expected to die within a year of containment. A full description of each instance of SCP-XXXX can be found in document XXXX-ii-23. A summary of a select number of instances of SCP-XXXX is given below.

Partial Instance Summary:
Designation Description Summary Notes
SCP-XXXX-1 Spined reptile, measuring 8 metres in length. First known instance of XXXX. Neutralized upon initial encounter, known as event XXXX-a.
SCP-XXXX-2 Wolf like creature with 14 limbs
SCP-XXXX-3 Reliable description unavailable due to conflicting reports, and its near total destruction during event XXXX-a. Measured upwards of 13 metres across and 11 metres in length. Capable of flight.
SCP-XXXX-4 Resembled a mythological griffin, with the head of a bird of prey, and the hind legs of a lion. Successfully contained, bringing event XXXX-a to an end.
SCP-XXXX-11 Insectoid creature, strongly resembling a goliath beetle. Structural coloration in shell displayed active color changes. Weighed approximately 3 metric tons. Instance SCP-XXXX-11 kept in containment for 26 months, the longest currently achieved.
SCP-XXXX-12 [REDACTED] Containment breach XXXX-c occurred within 30 minutes of matryoshka event
SCP-XXXX-13 A snake like creature, approximately 40 metres long. It lacked any distinguishing external features, including eyes, but nonetheless showed awareness of its surroundings. Scales were substantially more durable than would be expected for their size.
SCP-XXXX-18 Appearance of an elephant headed giant squid, with ████████ ██ ██████. MTF Nu-7 “Hammer Down” scrambled immediately following matryoshka event producing SCP-XXXX-18
SCP-XXXX-21 [REDACTED] Only one head remained by time of containment. Successfully contained, bringing breach event XXXX-c to an end. Containment procedures revised.
SCP-XXXX-27 Visually a cross between Gorilla gorilla and SCP-████, but of much larger size. Breached containment due to size, which exceeded dimensions of containment cell. Breach designated XXXX-d. Containment procedures revised.
SCP-XXXX-28 Insectoid creature, approximately 6cm in length. Seen leaving the area where SCP-XXXX-27 was neutralized in footage taken on body cameras of MTF Eta-5. Unseen at the time.
SCP-XXXX-29 A deer with the antlers of a moose and the face of a male orangutan. Despite high probability of intermediary instances, numbering system from here represents only known instances of SCP-XXXX. Instances SCP-XXXX-29, SCP-XXXX-30, and SCP-XXXX-31 were initially investigated as potential anomalous creatures in the same area. SCP-XXXX-29 was neutralized by local civilian hunters.
SCP-XXXX-30 A horse-like quadruped, covered in black spines.
SCP-XXXX-31 Humanoid mass of exposed flesh, mostly muscle. Claws between 5 and 10cm long on each of six fingers of both hands. Described as sweet smelling. Initially given own SCP status until occurrence of matryoshka event.
SCP-XXXX-32 Bear like hexapod with red fur. Breach event XXXX-d formally brought to a close.
SCP-XXXX-37 Humanoid Caucasian male, mid 30s, 5’10’’, weighing 85kg. Claims to be a Joshua Markon, of ██████, Indiana. Appears to be completely human. Small tattoo of a bird on left forearm. Current instance of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX-37's claims of his identity have been internally consistent, despite not matching available records. All testing has shown SCP-XXXX-37 to be human and non-anomalous. Containment procedures revision 9 was implemented following SCP-XXXX-37's ongoing cooperation.

CP-XXXX-37 Interview Log 3

<Begin Log>

Dr. Jenkins: Beginning interview with XXXX-37. We’ll keep it short at '37', shall we? Alright 37, could you begin by telling us about yourself?

SCP-XXXX-37: Sure. My name is Joshua. Uh, Joshua Markon. I’m from Indiana. I was an electrician. Just a regular guy, I never wanted to get caught up…

Dr. Jenkins: And do you know where you are now?

SCP-XXXX-37: Yeah, you’ve got me locked up in this weird place. I mean, I don’t actually know where this is, like…

Dr. Jenkins: And where were you before that?

SCP-XXXX-37: Well, it’s kind of hard to explain.

Dr. Jenkins: Please try.

SCP-XXXX-37: It wasn’t really a place, exactly, because I was still moving around and stuff. It's like when you’re dreaming, you just have this sense of being and feeling things. Where you do stuff and you know what’s happening, but you aren’t really in control.

Dr. Jenkins: Except it wasn’t a dream, was it 37?

SCP-XXXX-37: No it wasn’t. It was real. I felt it.

Dr. Jenkins:What did you feel?

SCP-XXXX-37: Anger, a lot. Occasionally hunger. Most of all though I wanted power. Anything that attacked me, or was in my way, I just had to destroy it. Being trapped and wounded in that cell all that time was terrible. I also felt trapped. Me me, I mean, not the one in the real world.

Dr. Jenkins: This place you were, not in the real world. Was that in the same place you’ve spoken of before?

SCP-XXXX-37: You mean the labs? No, the labs was definitely before. The, uh … dreams …, they weren't really in any place.

Dr. Jenkins: Tell me about the labs. From the beginning, if you could.

SCP-XXXX-37: Uh, well, it was a work thing. Not like my normal work, but I was in a bit of money trouble. It was supposed to be a kind of testing. Medical. Good money. At first it was just forms and blood tests and stuff, which was fine, but they had all these animals there. All sorts. Big bears, and lizards, and birds, and things. Some of them seemed kind of off, unnatural. A few I didn't even recognise. Animal testing, I put it down to. That's what really bugged me, 'cus I was just one of them, you know? Another thing to be tested, and they treated me like it as well. That bothered me more than all the weird shit. Then when all the weird shit got weirder and weirder, they kept offering me more and more money, but I had to keep completely quiet about it all.

Dr. Jenkins: Could you be more specific?

SCP-XXXX-37: I dunno, they were all just so strange. The stuff the talked about, I didn't understand it but it didn't sound like doctor stuff at all. They had me in for permanent observation by then. This was a few weeks in. Some of these tests they did then, on my head, I didn’t even know. Felt like they were actually messing with my mind. They said it was just me being cooped up. I should've run then, but I don't think I could have actually managed it. They started letting me just wander around. I'm hazy on it, but I saw some real messed up stuff. Weird bugs in tanks and other things that I don't even know what they were. I would have thought it was all in my head like, if it wasn’t for … anyway. They’d had this rabbit, up by reception, saw it every day I came in. Just a weird corporate type pet, not my deal. Of course by then I couldn’t have cared less, the other stuff they had down there. But they had the rabbit then, sitting in this pen, and it was bloody and … ugh. There were a bunch of other rabbit bodies piled up in the corner, in pieces. God, the smell. They gave me this big shiny knife, clean, like a doctor’s knife. Then they gave me the rabbit and told me I had to, well, I'm sure you can guess. The rabbit didn’t even seem to care. Just lay there, looking up at me. I could swear it was like it was impatient, same as all the others. So I did it. Don’t feel good about it but there you go. Put the knife right through the side. Everyone around me just staring. I picked it up, had it in my arms. It was just like a baby. Like my little nephew. And I was there and, uh … I’m sorry miss, could I just get a glass of water?

Dr. Jenkins: Oh … yes, of course.

[Dr. Jenkins sends for a water. SCP-XXXX-37 drinks, and is silent for approximately 30 seconds before continuing.]

SCP-XXXX-37: So, yeah. There I was, with the rabbit, just crying right over it. Like seriously sobbing. I don’t think it was quite dead. Not at first. It kept twitching a little, and it was still bleeding. I was just stroking its little head, feeling it sort of just drift off. Then this hand grabbed me on the wrist. Took me a whole second to realise it was coming from the fucking rabbit. Right out the hole I just made. I screamed and tried to get it off but it was still hanging on. All the other doctors, or whatever, they just cheer. They are so happy, like they all just won the lottery or something. The hand lets go and they go over and pull on it, and a whole fucking arm comes out, then the rest of him, right through the side of the rabbit. I’m sitting in the corner, shaking like a dog. Never seen anything like it before. The guy, uh, from the rabbit, he’s just standing there naked, covered in blood, everyone shaking his hand and clapping him on the back. One of them gets out a champagne bottle and sprays it all over him, washing off the blood. He comes over to me and helps me up. They’re all talking but I’m not really hearing anything they say. It’s like my mind wouldn’t even try to understand them. They take me to this new room which had this huge pit in the floor. There was this thing, this huge black creature. It was almost like a giant spider, but worse. And it looked up at me, right at me. It had human eyes. I turned around, about to fucking sprint away from that thing, but when I turned, all those doctors where standing around me in a circle, grinning right at me. They actually scared me more than that thing in the pit. I still remember what that guy said next, the one from the rabbit. He was stood by me, and put his arm around me. He said, "Now Joshua, there's no need to be scared. You really should be happy about all this. I got stuck with a rabbit. The others like you, some of them were actual guinea pigs." He thought he was being funny. "You're special, Joshua, you've shown real promise. You get to be the first to try out something … magnificent." I think I fainted then.

[SCP-XXXX-37 then goes silent for approximately 60 seconds]

SCP-XXXX-37: After that, all I remember is the dream place. There’s more about the stuff before that, if you…

Dr. Jenkins: No. That won’t be necessary, Joshua. I think we can finish for the day. Thank you.

<End Log>

Addendum XXXX-A:

FROM: Dr. █████
TO: Site Director ████████
SUBJECT: XXXX Special Containment Procedures

I know this has been a point of contention for some time, and that my views on the matter are well known, but I cannot stand by on the issue any longer. I would not go around my project manager lightly.

SCP-XXXX is not contained. What we have in containment amounts to no more than a lab rat. The interviews prove that. It is the technology evident here, and the individuals behind it, that should be the real focus. While I cannot guarantee we will find the answers we seek in the instances to come, nothing is to be gained from indefinitely endangering the personnel at this site babysitting creature after creature, not to mention the expense. These are not aberrations of nature, they are manufactured pets. I believe Jenkins lacks perspective, and has allowed her personal feelings to cloud her judgement in this matter.

I propose initiating procedure XXXX-Gamma. This is the ideal opportunity, as SCP-XXXX-37 poses no threat and can be moved easily. A prepared coalition between the boys at MTF Eta-5 and MTF Nu-7 would be able to easily enact the procedure without casualties, as they will no longer be restricted by the need to prevent matryoshka events.

I hope that you will see sense in this matter.

As of 11/07/20██, Special Containment Procedures for SCP-XXXX have been placed under review.