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All entries uploaded in time - well done team!

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Congratulations team on getting a full set of articles posted. There are some other really strong teams, but I think that we have done ourselves proud - Eta-11 is right up there in my (biased!) view. ETA: Holy hell! This forum post, from someone who has only been a member of the wiki for 8 hours at the time of writing, includes a link to a draft SCP article which refers to Eta-11 as the MTF for containment! I'm not really sure what to say, but that feels rather cool.

(WJS)- I absolutely agree! One thing I particularly like about our entry is that you're seeing all sorts of gimmicks and format screws in many of the other MTF entries, but we have proven popular on the strength of our writing and emotional connections alone. We just need to make sure we can keep people looking at and discussing each one of our pieces. Also, while we're in the revision period, is there anything you wish to add/change? I don't think we need to change anything, but let's confirm. ETA: I just read through everything again. It's a damn moving work, the whole thing. Every piece put together really lets you feel the camaraderie between the members of the team. And we've got so many wonderful crosslinks with a bunch of good-yet-less-popular skips throughout the entire series, series I, II and III, that the whole really feels like a part of the world. I'm just really proud of everyone.

Can I suggest that we look to drive cross-traffic during the voting period by including the following reading order in our author posts? Code below:


  • A Convincing Lyre: written by psul. Tale introducing MTF Eta-11. Posted.
  • An Impenitent Thief: written by psul. Tale continuing the modern story of MTF Eta-11. Posted.
  • SCP-2402: written by WrongJohnSilver. SCP regarding temporal manipulation via acoustic means. Posted.
  • Choral Piece: AWCY document, planned by Smapti. Posted.
  • Enjoy the Silence: written by CumaeanSibyl. Tale connecting Sonic Youth / Dreams of Failure / The Musical Suspects. Posted.
  • The Musical Suspects: A recovery log. Posted.