Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX are to be kept in a 1m x 2m rectangular refrigeration room. The room is to be kept at 30 degrees Celsius. Every 7 weeks, a sample of SCP-XXXX-1 is to be taken and stored in cryogenic refrigeration for scientific analysis.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous bacteria with extremely temperature resistant abilities. No personnel are to enter SCP-XXXX's chamber after the infection of November [REDACTED], 2008 until more efficient sterilisation tactics are discovered.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a Vanilla ice cream cone. SCP-XXXX-1 is only to be consumed by class-D personnel. Under no circumstances SCP-XXXX-1 to be handled by any non-D-Class personnel at any times. If any sample of SCP-XXXX-1is kept in a room warmer than 60 degrees Celsius, the effects become mild/rare. The bacteria seems to preserve organic matter.

The effects of SCP-XXXX are as follows:

  • Stomach ache
  • Sneezing
  • Rapid Blinking
  • Minor surge of testosterone when viewing anything alive
  • Increased blood production
  • Random surges of dopamine
  • Memory Loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Intense mood swings
  • Brain Deterioration

SCP-XXXX was discovered in Alaska after reports of an "insane people disease". The foundation ignored this until the famous outbreak of 2001. After such, [REDACTED], with the help of the police force, killed and incinerated 269 civilians, and discovered the bodies of 637 dead civilians, and the police force had been told to [REDACTED] if [REDACTED].


Experiment 01
Conductor: Dr. Brooke
D-Class personnel: D-4006
Subject: SCP-XXXX
<Begin log>
Dr. Brooke: D-4006, enter the chamber.
<Sound of sliding, footsteps>
D-4006: Ok, what now?
Dr. Brooke: Please consume SCP-XXXX.
<Door shutting>
<D-4006 eats SCP-XXXX-1>
<Silence: 0:57>
SCP-XXXX-2: Hahahahaha… Oh man… H-hahaha…hehaha…
<SCP-XXXX-2 runs around the chamber for 25 seconds laughing, then the chamber is gassed. Security guards in hazmat suits carry SCP-XXXX-2 for disposal>
Closing note: SCP-XXXX-2 was incinerated after the experiment. Dr. Brooke was found with traces of this disease on him, and was killed by MTF after 16 researchers had gotten infected, and 25 D-class personnel. SCP-XXXX must be airborne. More research required, yet getting it will be difficult.

After cleaning the scattered documents of [REDACTED] was on [REDACTED] 's phone, this conversation was linked to the discovery of SCP-XXXX and quickly confiscated.

Jack: Heyo, Gabe, I have something for you
RE0676: why aren't you texting me with your official?
Jack: This ice cream cone I got in Alaska is so cool! It regenerates when you take a bite!
RE0676: wait, that's anomalous. Are you joking?
RE0676: hello?
RE0676: sorry I ran away earlier when you got off your flight.
RE0676: When they shot you, did you survive? Was that gunshot noise you?
RE0676: hello?