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Item no.: SCP-2357-J

class OF Objetc: Keter Safe Euclid Keter/Euclid Apollyon Embla Safe/Euclid/Keter/Apollyon/Thaumiel/Explained/Decomissioned/-J/Monkey Wrench | Subclass: Alphabetsoup

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2357-J is dangerous and should be killed as soon as possibel! SCP-2357-J Is kept in a 7ft x 7ft x 7m x 7 inches Containment Chamber AT ALL TIMES!!!!, comprised of lead-lined telekill alloy-titanium-steel compound at sight nineteen (19) with no windows or doors or an other entrences and fifteen and a half Scantron Reality Ankers. No Personnel can enter SCP-2357-J's Chamber unless approved by all of the 05 council. If we knew more about SPC-2537-J we would let him fre roam the facility but because we don’t he is in ultimate comtainment. {data redacted by order of the zero fifth council}

Describe: we found him in a hospital SCP-2357-J Seems to be a Humanoid Entity that is twelve years old but very mature for his age, his name is unknown but its probably something really cool. He wears a Leather Jacket, Ripped Jeans, Fingerless Gloves his fingers are sharp and look robotic, He wears Black Shoes with KNIVES in them, His eyes are red and blue and are robotic, He has really sha


rp teeth to chew the flesh of dumb people, his skin color is mixed (american-indian not african american okay), he also has razor-sharp spines on his back but they’re not ugly they are COOL. and has dark brown hair. It is not known what SCP-2357-J actually looks like beacause there is no Images of SCP-2357-J yet. SCP-2357-J is aggressive to all personnel entering his chamber. SCP-2357-J Can Crawl on walls, like Spiderman who is really cool (don’t say mean stuff about spiderman or he teleports to you and will kill you!!!) He kills Personnel that enters his chamber, He has Incredible Strength and Speed, He Is Immortal, He shows no mercy to anyone, ANYONE. when SCP-2357-J is experimented on he has mixed organs unknown to modern science. he has gills and other animal organs Including Human organs. and has Purple blood and the heart of a timber wolf, he also must have a room set-up for experiments. SCP-2357-J was acquired in a city In █████ after destroying a hospital full of people. SCP-2357-J Must be fed with HUMAN flesh twice a day or he will enter a RAGE STATE and destroy all human life (but he likes dogs so they stay) SCP-2357-J Is Immune to all SCPs that have effects.

the scp foundation is a foundation that contains scps and they are monsters that are too scary to show to the public (like slender man and jef the killer!!!) so that's what we do yeah

SCP-2357-J can shoot fireballs and Ice shards and control fireballs and ice shards and fire and ice. SCP-2357-J. Is also bulletproof. He has an Omni Key-card but we can't get it away from him because he is too quick. SCP-2357-J doesn't attack any female personnel that enters his chamber for some odd reason, when female personnel enter SCP-2357-J's chamber he just stares at the female personnel for Ten Seconds and (10) and then just sits down and then puts his head down, which is obviously very charming and cool and makes all the female personnel want him. It is not known why SCP-2357-J doesn't kill Or attack female personnel. There are more species of SCP-2357-J out there Somewhere. SCP-2357-J Speaks In a demonic (but sexy) voice and understands human very well but doesn't communicate with humans. SCP-2357-J did communicate in a Interview with Dr. Bright Once. Though. SCP-2357-J Must be monitored at all times. Guards must always be armed at SCP-2357-J's Chamber Door. When SCP-2357-J Kills male personnel He makes them into one of his minion that look like a demon so they’ll never ask a girl out that he deserved when he planned to oh my god, When SCP-2357-J is done making his minion he just sits down. SCP-2357-J Never Sleeps. SCP-2357-J Hates Loud Noises. SCP-2357-J also Has the ability to see into the future. SCP-2357-J made a Containment Breach On 8/28/20██ in the Interview with Dr. Bright. When this happened SCP-2357-J almost Escaped Site-17 but was stopped and Re-Captured By Mobile Task Force Omega. It took six thousand agents and Eight D Personnel To Re-Capture Him.

Addendum 2357-J-A: The first time SCP-2357-J talked and communicated with Dr. Bright.
<Begin Log, Skip to 00h-15m-43s
Dr. Bright: Why did you destroy and kill everyone in that hospital?
SCP-2357-J: (No communication, mysteriously)
Dr. Bright: If you don't speak up we will put you back into you're con-
SCP-2357-J: hehe… (No communication…)
Dr. Brighte: Move the mic closer to him!
Dr. Bright: Let's Try this again, loser. Why did you destroy and kill and maim everyone in that hospital?
Personnel D-028: Look his voice is messed up, he doesn't wanna talk bro- (Screams)
Dr. Bright: (Leaves Room and runs away and but also says “holy hell”)
<End Log>

Addendum 2357-J-B: Breaches with SCP-2357-J:
1: First Occurrence, 08-28-20██: Handled by Agent ███████, Agent ███, Agent ████████, Agent ████████████, Agent ████████, Agent ███████, (KIA), Personnel D-129 (KIA), Personnel D-027 (KIA), Personnel D-173 (KIA), Personnel D-200 (KIA), Personnel D-193 (KIA), Personnel D-018, Personnel D-277, Personnel D-299 (KIA)

Addendum 2357-J-3: List of SCP’s SCP-2357-J should not come into contact with (don’t do it!!!):

http://www.scp-wiki.net/SCP-055 (we did this once but I forgot what happened)
http://www.scp-wiki.net/SCP-5555 (this is my next scp i am writing it is not done ye though)

Addendum 2357-J-Δ: he was in mtf Omeag seven (7) but then the 05’s had to kick him out beacause he was a lose canon.

O5’s note: if we catch you monkey-wrenching around you’l be placed on ultra-mega-super-double-secreter ketter doodie