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A close up of SCP-005

Item #: SCP-005

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-005 is kept inside a standard secure storage room in Site-64. Approval of at least one Level 4 personnel is required for the removal of the object from its containment area.

Description: SCP-005 is an ornate key, displaying the characteristics of a typical mass-produced key used in the 1920s. SCP-005 seems to have the unique ability to open any and all forms of lock, be they mechanical or digital, with relative ease. The origin of this ability has yet to be determined. (See Appendix A)

SCP-005 was discovered when German pilot Hans ███████ managed to infiltrate the high security facility of ████ ██, in the United States of America on 10/10/1950. After being arrested by the army and locked in a cell for further interrogation, Hans escaped. Security camera's feed shows the cell's lock being opened with SCP-005. An MTF has been dispatched to investigate this potentially anomalous event. After 30 minutes, Hans was captured by the MTF and taken to the Foundation for an interview. Army workers of ████ ██ were given B-class amnestics and released.

Interviewed: Hans ███████

Interviewer: Researcher ███████

Foreword: After capture, Hans ███████ was quickly interviewed. The Foundation tried to discover how he managed to breach into ████ ██, a maximum security area. The following is a translation of the German interview performed by researcher ███████.

Researcher: Hello, Mr. ███████.

Hans: Hans will suffice, thank you.

Researcher: Alright, Hans. I would like to know how did you breach into a maximum security area of the United States of America like that.

Hans: I refuse to answer.
Researcher: Not answering could give you more problems than what it's worth. I suggest you tell us everything you know about this.

Hans: I refuse to answer, and that's final.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Hans remained silent for several weeks, refusing to answer any question done by the Foundation personnel. In the meantime, SCP-005 was transferred to Site 19 for studies. Studies performed on Hans ███████ showed no anomalous properties. Subject was termined after 5 weeks of custody in the Foundation.

Appendix A: While SCP-005 has been shown to be effective in removing almost any form of locking device, further experiments have shown that efforts to disguise the purpose or identity of a lock have proven at least somewhat successful in defeating SCP-005's ability. In approximately 50% of cases where a volunteer was not able to identify a locking device as such, SCP-005 was not successful in deactivating the device. Due to these results, SCP-005 has been tentatively classified as 'sentient' and further tests are being run to determine its cognitive abilities. However, there are no results that show any traits that prevent it from being able to identify any particular locking device, only that the aforementioned device has been heavily concealed and disguised.

Addendum 005-1: SCP-005 Testing Log:

Testing Log 005-01a
Target: Locked door of Site-19's bathroom
Tester: Researcher ███████
Result: Door opened with no problems, despite the fact SCP-005 clearly wouldn't have fit inside the lock.
Note: This experiment took place after being retrieved to the Foundation.

Testing Log 005-01b
Target: All doors of Site-19, including the gates of unused standard containment cells.
Tester: Researcher ███████, Researcher Janice, Security Guard 01576
Result: All regular doors opened with no issues. The first mechanical door took some time to open, but after that one every other mechanical door could be opened with ease by SCP-005. Other doors were opened by Researcher Janice, who seemed to have no problems operating SCP-005.
The unused containment cells were opened slowly, but surely.
Note: "It seems to me that SCP-005 need a 'learning time' before opening any new door. It took quite some seconds to open mechanical door, and the containment cells took it almost five minutes. The other standard containment cells could be opened almost instantly though. SCP-005 might be sentient, but doesn't seems to represent any risk" - Researcher Janice

Testing Log 005-50c
Target: The door to the cafeteria in Site 19, whose knobs were decorated at the date for seasonal celebrations
Tester: Researcher Janice
Result: SCP-005 failed to open the door after several minutes. Researcher Janice opened it herself.
Note: "After opening every door to date, it looks like there is a limit to SCP-005 anomalous abilities. It struggles with customized, ornate or decored locks" - Researcher Janice

Testing Log 005-55a
Target: The door to the cafeteria in Site 19, whose knobs were decorated at the date for seasonal celebrations
Tester: Researcher Janice
Result: After researcher Janice opened the door by herself several times, while holding SCP-005 in the other hand, she locked it shut and tried to use SCP-005 to open it. After some seconds, the door was opened succesfully.
Note: "This thing is definitively sentient in some way. An upgrade to euclid might be in order" - Researcher Janice

Testing Log 005-75c
Target: Researcher ███████, wearing a door costume
Tester: Dr. Bright
Result: Dr. Bright poked SCP-005 into the costume's knob. Both were laughing vehemently. The laughing stopped when SCP-005 managed to get into the costume door's lock. Dr. Bright tried to remove SCP-005 from the costume by pulling it away and, as soon as he did that, a circular clean cut opened up in Researcher ███████'s chest, destroying his costume and showing his organs and entrails. Muscular tissue was perfectly cut and wasn't seen on the hole, not even as leftovers. The researcher died instantly, as Dr. Bright left the scene.
Note: "This little joke wasn't funny in the slightest. We lost the valuable researcher and friend ███████. Dr. Bright, we urge you to be more careful while playing around with SCPs. Next time this happens, you will face serious disciplinary action." - The Ethics Committe

Testing Log 005-90a
Target: SCP-004-1
Tester: A D-class personnel, employed by Researcher Janice, who observed from a distance
Result: D-class exploded, with her organs and flying towards all the area and dissappearing. Despite not even approaching the door, it opened and SCP-005 fell to ground. On the other side of the door, everything was pitch black. Security guards felt overwhelmed by fear and closed SCP-004-1 quickly. After interview by Researcher Janice, the security staff declared "It was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Help me forget, please".
The two security guards were given B-class amnestics upon request, and transferred to work in other projects.

Addendum 005-2 "Testing Log 005-90a is the perfect proof why we do not encourage researchers to crosstest SCPs. The Special Containment Procedures for SCP-005 will be increased to prevent such a misuse. " - O5-██