Dave the Crow Boy

SCP-4130 while locating and observing camera.

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Item #: SCP-4130

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4130 is to be kept in a standard 10mX10m humanoid containment unit on Site 3-72-1. At least two (2) armed guards are to remain outside of SCP-4130’s containment unit and security cameras are to be kept in each corner of the unit to monitor SCP-4130 at all times. If SCP-4130 makes any requests to be interviewed, more caution is to be taken if carried out.

SCP-4130 is to be fed every Wednesday. It is only to be fed a diet of one (1) live mammal and fruit if requested. While interviewing SCP-4130, it is recommended to refer to it as its preferred name Dave unless told otherwise by O5 personnel. The only humans entering SCP-4130’s containment cell are to be accompanied by Dr. Storm unless they are being used as test subjects.

Description: SCP-4130 is a 14 year old male capable of full English sentences. It stands approximately 2 meters tall and 97 pounds as of [REDACTED]. Sprouting from SCP-4130’s back are 2 wings. These wings are 1.6 meters long each and are completely unusable to SCP-4130. Genetic analysis has proven them to be the wings of a Corvus brachyrhynchos (American Crow). Its right foot and right hand are talons resembling the aforementioned species' although the left foot and hand are completely normal human appendages. The eyes of SCP-4130 are completely black and its pupils are a luminescent white, although no signs of blindness have been detected. IQ tests have shown SCP-4130 to have an IQ of 245.

Worn on the face of SCP-4130 is a white mask resembling that of traditional Plague Doctor. Under no circumstances should the mask be attempted to be removed (See Addendum A-31). Embedded in SCP-4130's chest area is a sword. The wound seems to heal quickly when the sword it removed and put back into place. Blood constantly flows from the sword wound even when the wound is healed. Where the blood materializes from and how SCP-4130 does not die of blood loss is currently unknown.

All attempts to clean the wound with water will cause SCP-4130 to go into an agitated state. In this state SCP-4130 will attempt to kill, maim, and subsequently [DATA EXPUNGED] all sapient creatures around it. SCP-4130 appears to be immune and/or highly tolerant to all forms of pain with the exception of water and various forms of acid. It is to be noted that in the case of a containment breach SCP-4130 is to be sprayed heavily with a mixture of water and sulfuric acid (%62 water; %38 sulfuric acid) and have all human interaction revoked as punishment.

SCP-4130 has shown kindness to only Dr. Storm although caution is still to be used due to it being hostile nonetheless. All other personnel to enter it's containment have been mentally harmed, killed, or physically harmed by it. SCP-4130 appears to attack with his talon hand or by removing the sword from its chest to use as a weapon. On rare occasions, when SCP-4130’s eyewear is removed, subjects exposed to its eyes will report seeing horrifying sights in them. The side effects of this are varying but the most common form of side effects are paranoia, nausea, drops in mental stability/IQ, and suicidal thoughts. When questioned SCP-4130 claims it had no intentions of harming mental health. If this is true or not is currently unconfirmed.

Addendum: After refusing orders to remove mask, 2 armed guards were sent in to remove it by force. SCP-4130 responded extremely violently, killing one guard and horribly inuring the other. After this even, SCP-4130 has been reported screeching at a decibel level of approximately 115 decibel at regular intervals. Whether these two events are connected is unknown.

Interview 96-4:
Interviewed: SCP-4130
Interviewer: Dr. Storm
Foreward: This interview is taking place approximately 3 weeks after Incident A-31 during SCP-4130’s feeding time.

SCP-4130: Sorry about attacking those guy's doctor.

Dr. Storm: The only apology you could give us is removing your mask or at least answering our questions about how you came to be, SCP-4130.
SCP-4130: [there is a caw and the sound of feathers ruffling] I told you to call me Dave. I'm a person. I have a name. Use it.
Dr. Storm: Right. Just try to cooperate a bit more, Dave.

SCP-4130: [SCP-4130 mutters] Alright… [SCP-4130 suddenly takes out the sword from it's chest]
Dr. Storm: Can I ask, why are you removing your weapon?
SCP-4130: It gets hard to concentrate with a blade lodged in my rib cage.
Dr. Storm: Concentrate on what exactly?
[SCP-4130 chuckles]
SCP-4130: You'll see soon enough.
Dr. Storm: I think this interview is over…

Closing Statement: Dr. Storm reported the new findings to the rest of the personnel immediately after the interview. New risks are now being taken to better contain SCP-4130 after the possibly implied escape plan including attempts to occupy it or gain more information with increased interviews.

Note: Although it has been long since SCP-4130's last breach we cannot allow our guard to drop. Remember, this creature is smarter than we originally expected and it could be planning something horrible. We fucked up with the last breach and we can't let it happen again. It knows that were aware of its weaknesses and could be devising a way to become immune to them also. We have to be careful. This is a creature, not a human. -Dr. Storm