Spookybee's Proposals

NAME OF RUN: Operation: Burning Torch
CONTENT: Psi-7 is called to briefing room C-4 where they're met with one of Site-77's briefers. Upon arrival the gang are supplied with maps and a list of missing personnel cadavers from their previous operation in the research station Area-394. They'll be informed that, before the clean-up team could arrive, a number of the missing corpses had been removed from the facility as reported by their forensics team.

In addition, a recon team had been sent to scout the location where the mirror that'd devastated the facility in the first plant had been planted along a pre-planned excavation route in the mountainside for Area-394's facility-development corps. With the mixture of the missing mutated corpses and the purposefully-planted anomaly that caused them, Foundation intelligence has come to a conclusion that the incident had been an AnWeapons test from an outside force on a Foundation facility. In the recent few weeks, smaller Foundation facilities had fallen under attack by an unknown force and left in ruin.

Foundation Intelligence has triangulated what they predict to be the next area to fall under an attack, a small facility in Russian territory that had previously belonged to a GRU-P task force back in 1956. Psi-7 will be sent to them under orders to assist them in holding the base in the event of an attack, and to bring back information on the identities of these offending forces.

Psi-7 will be sent to the base via air-drop at a location off the edge of the base's territory after spotting smoke in the distance. The easy conclusion is that the attack was already taken place, but that it was recent, and survivors may be on-site.

Making a trek through the forest, Psi-7 will have to either fight their way through the creatures outside, a mixture of Changed that had been encountered in the infested lab, and Cardinals, the seeming leaders of the Blackhand Church's invasions. If one of Psi's agents choose to report the situation, they'll receive a radio transmission telling them that orders have been changed, and that their new objective is to rescue any survivors if possible.

In the facility, most of the site's personnel are being converted into Blackhand forces, using infected Tears and a large shard of the mirror, turning them into the anomalous Changed from the derelict lab.

Sneaking their way through the facility, the team will have to evade Cardinals and Blackhand Church troops patrolling the facility, going deeper to search for survivors or hostages. There is only a single survivor, a young girl named Kuri deep in the labs, restrained to a table in the center of a large surgery auditorium.

Upon entering the auditorium, the team will encounter an enemy named Malaketh, a pallid-skinned, massive monstrosity of what once may have been a human. Malaketh will have been experimenting on the girl, attempting to turn her into a monstrous Changed, when he's interrupted by the team.

Combat against Malaketh will be high-risk, as Malaketh is large and a dangerous physical obstacle, as well as being able to lob heavy objects at his targets as effective ranged attacks.