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Item #: SCP-3242

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3242 is to be kept in a casing of reinforced impact glass no thinner than 4 in, the bottom lined with a plate of class -██ magnets. SCP-XXXX is animate and it will throw violent fits on a daily basis, any change in activity is to be documented. The integrity of the casing is to be inspected daily with the glass promptly replaced if any cracks or weak points are identified. All foundation members involved in the transfer of SCP-XXXX must wear protective masks to avoid a bonding event. When removing the object it must be carried by no fewer than 4 members with class -██ magnetic poles, object held below hip height. When SCP-XXXX's host expires the body is to be disposed of via incineration.

Description: : SCP-3242 takes the form of a large pair of antlers, it shows signs of heavy weathering with cracks and other breaks across the surface. Despite having the appearance of being composed of bone the structure of SCP-XXXX is consistent with that of a unique metal. This element has yet to be named but is susceptible to magnetism and has displayed resistance to temperature extremes and corrosives. At the base of each antler is a single etched character from a currently unknown language.

SCP-XXXX is of a parasitic nature and constantly seeks out any potential hosts when not inactive.
The object will manage to propel itself at close range and attempt to insert its base into any orifice of the body, once it has connected removal becomes impossible. The new host will enter a short state of unconsciousness, during this period SCP-XXXX will modify the host by extending itself via root-like structures throughout the body.

SCP-XXXX-2: Instances of SCP-XXXX-2 will manifest when portions of SCP-XXXX's internal extensions are left within the host's body post removal of SCP-XXXX.