On a need to know basis
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-0000 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-0000 possess the standard nutritional requirements for a non-anomalous human of comparable age and condition and is to be fed and maintained appropriately.
All foundation staff before entering SCPs 0000 cell will remove their ID badges and place them in the designated safety deposit box. Staff will only mention their first name when communicating with SCP-0000.
All conversations with SCP-0000 must not include anything about the foundation or its work including the organisations name, any SCPs except SCP-████ and must never be identified as SCP-████, any security measures or protocols that are keeping SCP-0000 secure, any mention of the anomalous abilities that SCP-0000 has and any personal information about themselves or other foundation staff members.
SCP-0000 is allowed any kind of entertainment media including books and newspapers but all must be thoroughly checked by at least two level 3 foundation members or higher for any kind of dangerous knowledge that would be exposed to SCP-0000.
SCP-0000s cell must be at least audio recorded at all times if SCP-0000 starts talking about dangerous knowledge he shouldn’t have access to he should be amnesiac immediately. All staff must be carrying class 1 amnesiacs and have two armed guards by the door when inside SCP-0000's cell.


SCP-0000 is an average looking Caucasian male in his late 20s who speaks in a mixture of British and Irish accents from the south part of both countries.
SCP-0000 is suspected to have apparent omniscience that activates when it is explained something or someone's it will instantly "remember" large amounts on the subject even knowledge unknown to the person explaining it.
SCP-0000 does not recognize he has this anomalous ability and when it is questioned about the knowledge of the subject it confusedly replies that is must of picked up the knowledge from people or media it has been in with in the past.
Testing on SCP-0000 has included a wide range of knowledge including subject matter that the foundation can 98% confirm that SCP-0000 has not came into contact with has given identical results.

SCP-0000 was discovered in ████████, England when in a local pub quiz, he explained in full detail how the ███ ███ nuclear bomb was made including details that aren't available to the public. He was then quickly captured and placed into Foundation custody.

D-class member in plain clothes is allowed access to SCPs cell to clean up.

SCP-0000: Hello there?

D-00000: Umm… Hi

SCP-0000: Oh yes sorry you’re a cleaner I should let you get on with your job.

D-00000:yes…. I am just a cleaner called ██████ ████ are you going to do anything weird because you hear all sorts of stories of experiments and stuff around here.

SCP-0000: No not really just been kept here… sorry did you say experiments?

D-00000: Yes, sorry I shouldn’t be talking to you about those things I am ██████ and your English aren't you.

SCP-0000: Well a mixture but spent alot of my life in England yeah, where are you from.

D-00000 well I grew up in Chattanooga Tennessee but then moved to Atlanta when I left high school ended up working as a waitress in a bar.

SCP-00000: Thats cool so do you have any plans for your birthday next week

D-00000: (Laughs) I doubt I…. wait how did you know my birthday is next week?

SCP-0000: umm I am sure you mentioned it when we talking about you growing up on bending oak drive.

D-00000: No the fuck I did! those bastards tricked me this is one of those experiments they said about!

D-0000: runs up slamming on the cell door "let me out you assholes! Get me away from this monster you sick fucks!"

SCP-0000: I am the monster? you murdered your husband and sister in cold blood! How could you do that to them they trusted you and you murdered them. Help! Help! This cleaner is a goddamn psychopathic murderer help!

Door opens letting D-00000 out of the cell.