SCP-XXXX WW2 planes with a computerized twist

Okitem # SCP-XXXX

Class Euclid

Containment all instances of SCP-XXXX are to be stored in Multiple separate Hangers located near ███████ Arizona, each being sealed shut unless testing is authorized by Level-3 or higher personnel each instance must have their ammunition, fuel, and oil reserves checked daily as to prevent unnecessary damages to facilities. Personnel who are citizens of nations that a specific instance would have been used in combat against. As of 01/15/201█ all instances of SCP-XXXX are to have 30Kg wheel blocks on each of the mainwheels and 5Kg blocks on the tailwheel if applicable.

Description SCP-XXXX consists of 17 (formerly 18) aircraft dating from WW2 and the immediate postwar era. The instrument panel of each instance has been replaced with a "glass" display simaler to the Lockheed-Martin F-35 lightning II. The anomalous properties of each instance is that they are capable of controlled intelligent flight as well as the ability to differentiate citizens, vehicles, and even other instances of SCP-XXXX from nations that said instance would have been used to combat against and and those who aren't. When a "target" is found the SCP-XXXX instance displays hostility towards the target and any individuals who attempt to hinder it Upon examination of the remains of SCP-XXXX-7 post neutralization it has been discovered that the "glass" display and subsequently the whole vehicle was under the control of a supercomputer of unknown origen with a capacity comparable to that of the systems used by NASA. The power source of said computers is currently unknown and further dismantlement of SCP-XXXX-7 is cancelled untill further notice. SCP-XXXX first gained the attention of the foundation on 07/██/20██ when reports of the disappearance of Japanese commercial aircraft within a ██Km radius of [REDACTED] island in the Solomon islands. Upon receiving the reports, MTF Lambda-4 was dispatched to the area in question as it was initially believed to be an airborne Biological anomaly. SCP-XXXX-1 was however not located for █ Days after the arrival of MTF Lambda-4, on the █th day of the sweep of [REDACTED] island, MTF Lambda-4 personnel reported being attacked by a Lockheed P-38G 'lightning' A.K.A SCP-XXXX-1 sustaining minimal casualties. The report noted that SCP-XXXX-1 only attacked the members of the task force who were born in Japan or of Japanese citizenship. After initial contact MTF Lambda-4 spent a further ██ Days tracking SCP-XXXX-1 eventually locating a clearing used as an "Airfield" with SCP-XXXX-1 sitting on the "Tarmac" 800 meters from the task force (unfinished draft)