This is my first SCP so any critiques or suggestions are welcome

Item class: Euclid
Containment Procedure:
All packages SCP- delivers must be apprehended. Any field agents who spot SCP- must capture it or attach a tracking beacon on it.

Description: SCP- is a 1.8 m Caucasian male in a blue postmen uniform with a brown mail satchel with the Dr.wondertainment logo printed on it. SCP- has been seen multiple times delivering anomolys items to several civilian homes and one time the foundation.

SCP- was discovered when it appeared in 05██'s safety bunker during a containment breach attempting to get them to sign for a package. When 05██ called for on site security SCP- [Redacted].
When security personal arrived 05██ was unconscious with black ink on their right hand and a package bearing a Dr.Wondertainment logo on all sides under their left arm.