Dark Bleed

Object Class=Keter

Special Contaiment Procedures Discovery=SCP 3000 called" Dark Bleed" is founded by Dr Alex Caufman in 1967 at Northern America and it is captured by SCP Elite Mobile Task Force Psi-8. (The silencers)İt was wounded by psi-8 mobile task force team and it costed 15 of Task Force unit to wound it.

However "Dark Bleed" was reported by a local farmer "Oberyn Richards" and it was detected by our Doctor "Alex Caufman".After the first contact with the SCP-3000 500 of Task Force Psi-8 units were sent to duty with 11 UH-1 hellicopters and 20 Armored Jeeps

heading level 4

//(Operation Dark Breach)
The Unit Commander in that year name was Richard Sanchez

Dialogue between Doctor Alex and Taskforce Psi-8 Commander Sanchez in 1967

Dr.Alex=it's near the cove commander we need it alive don't kill it!

Commander Sanchez=We will do whatever we can

Dr.Alex=İt's in the cove don't engage!

Commander Sanchez=Alpha team move up,Bravo team secure the area

Local Citizen(1)=Omg what is that thing

Local Citizen(2)=That bastard killed my family! kill it!

Commander Sanchez=Get these civilians out of here soldiers now!

Psi-8 Delta group=Sir yes sir

Psi-8 soldier(2)=Omg it is attacking us it is cutting us appart we need help now! help help ahhhh!!!(Gunshots)

Psi-8 Bravo Team=Open fire

Psi-8 Alpha Team = Take it out

After 15 minutes of battle between the scp-3000 we lost 15 soldiers and we got 5 wounded
and the woundeds being crazy and bleeding black every second ! and the scp-3000 was wounded badly !

Psi-8 Alpha Team=Squad reporting we got 10 kias repeat 10 kias and we got that thing it is
wounded ,orders sir ?

Dr.Alex=Don't kill it

Commander Sanchez=Capture it now

Psi-8 Alpha Team=Understood sir!

Psi-8 Bravo Team=This is bravo team we got 5 kia and 5 wounded need paramedics immediately

Psi-8 Medevac team=Copy that Bravo ,we 're heading to your location with UH-1's eta 10 minutes!

Psi-8 Hazmat Team=Doctor What should we do

Dr.Alex=Use drug needles for now we are knowing that it is reckless against Antibiotics!

Psi-8 Hazmat Team=We gonna need a chopper!

Psi-8 Alpha Team=Calling it now

Psi-8 Alpha Team=Red Eye one requestin chopper for pickup over !

UH-1 Pİllot=Roger that we're on our way

1 hour later the scp was succesfully transformed to chopper and all 11 UH-1 choppers were heading back to base but the commander was sad because of his loses

Commander Sanchez=İs it worth it !

Dr.Alex=Yes ofcourse Commander it is indeed to continue our operation around world .Your
soldiers made great job in there don't forget no Victory without sacrifice!

End of the dialogue//

The SCP-3000 is now keeping at Area-02 with elite millitary units! the zone is Banned to Flight except millitary units we're seeing it is not dead until now and not getting old it eats human flesh! we are ussing dead bodies to feed it!
Description=SCP-3000 "Dark Bleed" is an 2-cell eukaryotes live form! we don't know if it's the last of it's kind or where did it come from .We are believing that thing is mutated animall! but that's not for sure! and some of us are believing it is a "Demon" because it looks like it! but only god knows what is it.Only thing we know for sure is it is a very dangerous creature and must stay away from the humans as we seen in 1967 "Operation Dark Breach" it is ussing claws to kill it enemies! and after it kills it ripping it aparts! we are knowing these claws are sharper than a wolf paw and we saw it makes human blood Dark Red! after it cut's or sink's it! we still searching if it can be a male or female but we still got no results yet! But we found it can be killed with posible modernized weapons! and even in 1967 Operation Dark Breach our soldiers used M16A1'S,M1 GRANDS,M1911 against it and we saw it took 5000 bullet to wound it! anyways we are believing it can be killed with possible amunutionary! it just need more to take it down but still we didn't try it yet we didn't try because we don't want to lose that subject!

heading level 5

SCP Armed Forces Report
Don't let it escape , Use electric wires against it use M4's,M16'S,MP5'S and M249 bullets against it to take it down! if that don't work send HMMWVS,M-ATV's,Caiman armored ultility vehicles to elliminate it! if that doesnt work use Armored Support(M1A1S,M1A2S,M2BRADLEYS,M3BRADLEYS,STRYKERS,M113S)and Air support (S-70s,Cobras,Apache AH-64d's,AH-64 Longblows,F-15's,F-16's,F-22'S) to elliminate it if that doesnt work to! USE WMD TO ELLİMİNATE İT if Somehow that doesnt work to! PRAY THE GOD!


End Of Report.