Works of Superspambot

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be held in a standard containment cell with a heremetically-sealed door, and given a liter of ██████ twice a day through an automatic dispenser on the wall of it's cell. After Incident-XXXX-1, Maintenance is to performed every other day to prevent the dispenser from breaking.

Description: SCP-xxxx is an animate cream-colored towel, that can manipulate itself to mimic the body structure and abilities of certain species of animals. SCP-xxxx can almost perfectly replicate the animals size and abilities, despite not physically being large enough to do so. SCP-xxxx has thus far demonstrated the capability to mimic two three animals, a Canis lupus, or Gray Wolf, a Pteropus, or Flying Fox, and after Incident XXXX-1, a Vampyroteuthis infernalis, or vampire squid. SCP-xxxx shifted into [REDACTED]oid form after incident-xxxx-1 although it is impossible to tell exactly what it is mimicking, or if the form is SCP-xxxx's "standard form" (Due to SCP-xxxx not fully replicating the physiology of an animal, it can survive on land in this form) SCP -xxxx will remain in a stationary position similar to standard folded towel, unless it hasn’t received food in which case it will start mimicking animals, becoming more aggressive After incident-xxxx, SCP-xxxx has remained as [REDACTED] and has only used its other forms in order to attempt to escape. (the only exception to this being that it only mimicked a vampire squid during Incident-xxxx-█, and has not switched to this form since) SCP-xxxx can only absorb liquids until it is completely saturated. SCP-xxxx can obtain liquid from by sharpening it’s bristles until they are sharp enough to pierce most animals skin, at which point it sucks up the blood that comes out. After this it is discolored until SCP-xxxx “digests” the liquid1, at which point it returns to it’s beige color. All tranquilizers used on SCP -xxxx have been unsuccessful in sedating it, and as such the foundation has been unsuccessful in performing tests. Although it seems to understand basic commands, the object has shown low levels of intelligence similar to that of the animals it mimics.

Discovery: SCP-xxxx was called to the foundation’s attention after several complaints about a “sharp towel” causing multiple lacerations to guests in ██████ hotel in ███ ██████, Romania. This came to a head when ████ ███’s corpse was found in her hotel room's shower, drained of blood with nothing but SCP-xxxx lying on top of her. Foundation plants in local law enforcement applied Class-A amnestics to all locals and family members involverd, retrieved the object, and sent it to Site-██.

Incident xxxx-1: On ██-█-███, Dr. ███ went into SCP-xxxx's containment cell to feed it, Since the dispenser in SCP-xxxx's container had malfunctioned for, at the time, unknown reasons. Since the object had not begun mimicking and only showed ill will towards personnel when it was mimicking at this point, Dr. ███, entered the object's containment cell with only a protective suit. Dr. ███ was just starting to pour ██████ into a container for the object when SCP-xxxx latched onto his arm, broke through the protective suit he was wearing and started to suck out Dr. ███'s blood. By the time the staff observing the object as well as security had gotten in, Dr. ███ had already turned pale due to blood loss. The staff on duty was able to remove SCP-xxxx, and get Dr. ███ to a medical ward. After security had finished returning SCP-xxxx to it's containment unit, It proceeded to [REDACTED] itself into [REDACTED]oid form. After it finished, SCP-xxxx spoke an unkown phrase in what seemed to be Proto-Romanian

Addendum-01: Foundation personnel were able to retreive the security footage from ██████ hotel during PoI-1178's visit to the ██████ hotel, which was right before reports of SCP-xxxx began.

20:35 - PoI-1178 enters the hotel and checks in.
20:48 - After bringing all of his luggage to his hotel room, he goes down to the hotel bar and starts socializing with other patrons.
21:12 - PoI-1178 leaves the bar with female patron ██ ████; Both of them go into her room.
22:01 - PoI-1178 leaves the room, wiping something off of his cheek. As he makes his way to his room, he trips and falls onto beige towel, accidentally biting it.

Upon further investigation, foundation personnel found ██ in her hotel bed, drained of blood.