To the Reader: This is an SCP I am working on creating, the concept revolves around a single set of stairs. I am still quite new to SCP so I don't know if I there is already an SCP incredibly similar to this or not, I already believe it is sufficiently different from SCP-087 for a variety of reasons. For anyone who reads or comments who knows of an SCP that is incredibly similar to this one, tell me.

Item #: SCP- 2284

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature SCP-2284 is not contained within an SCP Site. All land within a 20 (20) km radius of the SCP have been cordoned off to all non-SCP personnel and security patrols will be posted around all road entrances 24 hours a day with roving patrols around the rest of the perimeter.

No personnel other than Class-D are to be allowed entrance into SCP-2284 without the written permission of two or more Level 4 Personnel.

Description: SCP-2248 is a 5m x 2m x 3m stone building that appears to have been built as a storage shed located in East Central Kansas. A plane wooden door opens to the interior of the building where a flight of 23 stairs descends to another wooden door with what is believed to be a brass doorknob. Strangely while the building itself is believed to be more than one hundred (100) years old, the door at the base of the stairs still appears to be in perfect condition with no degradation to frame, doorknob, or door itself.

Upon beginning to descend the flight of stairs no matter how many stairs are descended it will always take a greater number to exit, with a single step down being the only constant number, one (1) step descended, two (2) steps will be required to exit.

Through experimentation with Class-D personnel no number of steps taken to exit has ever repeated. The number of steps ranges from four (4) after two (2) steps were descended, to 112 when nineteen (19) steps were descended. Should the twentieth step be descended it has become so far, impossible, to exit the stairway. The individual will still remain visible as they begin to attempt to exit but their voice or any other sounds made will gradually fade until inaudible. The individual will remain visible for believed indefinite period of time until the door leading to the staircase is shut, at which point the individual(s) will have disappeared once reopened.

These experiments have led to the disappearance of [DATA EXPUNGED.]