Item Class: Thaumiel
Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, (SCP-XXXX) is to be securely attached by the legs to the base of a 5 m x 5 m wooden crate. Under no circumstances is the box to be tipped past ten(10) degrees in any direction, lest the top of (SCP-XXXX) make contact with any foreign objects. Personnel must not touch the top side of (SCP-XXXX) at any time.
Description: (SCP-XXXX) is a typical dining room table made of a currently unidentified form of wood and laquer. It is a unevenly stained brown color with multiple scuff marks and other evident signs of wear and tear. What makes it different from any other table is that when an object is put on it, it is stuck to (SCP-XXXX) and cannot be removed unless something else is put on its main surface. The four legs of (SCP-XXXX) do not have the same effect, allowing the SCP to be moved without too much difficulty unless secured down. If any living object or SCP or an object or SCP that can move is put on (SCP-XXXX), the object will immediately be frozen as if in stasis. The object does not need to fully be on (SCP-XXXX) for its effects to work, it just needs to make contact with the top of (SCP-XXXX). (SCP-XXXX) can also be held upside down with something else attached to its top, as the only way to remove something is to put something else in its place. In the event of more than one item touching the top of (SCP-XXXX) simultaneously, it will, by default, "freeze" the most recent of the items to the table. It is still fully possible to interact with whatever is on (SCP-XXXX). If the object on top of it has moving parts, said parts can still move via outside interaction. When a sentient being or SCP is "frozen" on (SCP-XXXX), it is unaware of time passing, has no pulse or other signs of life, and is in effect lifeless but not in danger of death.

To date, (SCP-XXXX) is indestructible.

Test log:

Items: Hammer and Chisel.
Test: Chisel edge on SCP. Chisel frozen in place, meaning it doesn't need to be held. Hammer slammed on end of chisel. Chisel tip dented inwards.
Current Stuck Item: Chisel.

Item: Diamond-tipped Buzzsaw.
Test: Buzzsaw activated and lowered towards SCP. As soon as buzzsaw makes contact with SCP, buzzsaw freezes and chisel falls off.
Current Stuck Item: Buzzsaw.

Item: Fragmentation Grenade.
Test: Grenade pin pulled and thrown at SCP. Grenade frozen and not detonated. Buzzsaw detaches and starts spinning again.
Current Stuck Item: Fragmentation Grenade.

Item: 50 Caliber Unmodified Desert Eagle.
Test: Gun aimed at SCP by D-Class Personnel from a point-blank distance of five feet. Five rounds fired in quick succession. First bullet stuck, grenade detaches. Second bullet hits, first bullet detaches and bounces off SCP with noticeable lack of momentum. Continues on until fifth bullet attaches and fourth detaches. Grenade detonates, severly injuring D-Class Personnel. Bullets are flattened on one side from impact with SCP.
Current Stuck Item: One 50 Caliber Bullet.

Item: FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank Missile Launcher.
Test: Launched at SCP from a distance of 200 feet. Missile makes contact with SCP and is frozen in place in position it hit. One shot from a Barrett Firearms M107A1 Semi Automatic 50 Caliber BMG Rifle fired at SCP to release missile. Missile falls from SCP and explodes on ground. No damage done to SCP.
Current Stuck Item: One 50 Caliber BMG Bullet.