Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5607-j is to be contained in it's own entirely separate acid resistant steel containment wing. Cause God knows we aren't getting anywhere [EXPLETIVE] near it. It is to be fed whatever it wants during normal human eating hours. Guards are to be wearing 400 900DB earmuffs to protect from hearing damage.

it is a white "human" male with blond hair and wearing a green shirt roughly 25 16 years of age. Testing has proven that fifty percent of individuals will hear words but the voice sounds like a dying baby camel and the other fifty percent still hear words but say that the voice sounds like a little pussy scientist side kick.

"Guys his voice isn't annoying I actually kinda like it" - Dr.O
Dr.O Has been made to an SCP class entity. object class: keter.

Dr.O *Autistic screeching* "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."
Addendum 2:
SCP-5607-J has been noted to strike fear into SCP-682. Protocol 04k13y under consideration.//