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A depiction of SCP-2511 found inside the air ducts of the SCP foundation. This is assumed to be from one of the researchers sketchbooks.

Item #: SCP-2511

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2511 is contained in a 5 meter by 4 meter by 3 meter cement exterior room (76 cm in thickness).Surrounding the interior of the cement fixture where SCP-2511 is contained there is a thin sheet of tungsten along each wall and the floor. No windows or light fixture shall be constructed or appear in the room that would cause light in the room as causing light would allow SCP-2511 to cast an inter-dimensional shadow, it's still uncertain if SCP-2511's silhouette is hazardous but it is still best to eliminate any chances of what may happen.

Description: SCP-2511 is a large beast appearing similar to that of a hyena and is approximately 1.5 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height however, it weighed 100 kilograms. SCP-2511 has six legs each having three sharp pointed toes appearing to act like stilts. Fur color is a dark maroon shade and is rather short. SCP-2511 is missing a lower jaw and a right eye and it's tongue cut off where the lower jaw would begin. SCP-2511 appeared to have horns sprouting from either side of its skull similar to that of a ram. Researchers assumed that SCP-2511 was deaf due to the lack of ears or ear-holes but it is still uncertain. SCP-2511 has three horizontal gashes along its back however, the wounds never bleed. Within the first months of containment eye-witness reports claim that when SCP-2511 was contained the lights in the cell caused SCP-2511 to emerge onto the wall as a silhouette, there was no sign of SCP-2511's living form.

Researchers claim they felt a voice in their head whispering to them words whenever they would enter the research area surrounding SCP-2511's cell however, these words are still unidentifiable. SCP-2511 was able to be forced out of the wall by eliminating all light sources in the area securely tightening a thin rope around its neck causing for suffocation which lead to the beast laying unconscious. Researchers quickly sketched a photo of SCP-2511 due to the fact that researchers did not carry their cameras with them at that moment. SCP-2511 was transported to Site 62 Unit ██ as SCP-2511 could take itself into an divergent dimension. Based on an interview with ████████, researchers gained more knowledge on SCP-2511 from the eye-witness. A few months later in December of 2014, a routine maintenance check was being performed when a lost depiction of SCP-2511 was found in the air ducts. It's assumed it belonged to one of the researchers.

On October █, 2015, a new discovery arose from SCP-2511. Researchers entered the cell to conduct more tests and research on SCP-2511. Researchers brought a small dog roughly 30 kilograms into the chamber and placed it inside the cell. The researchers watched what would happen through the video monitors placed inside the cell earlier. They gasped when SCP-2511 touched the dog with one of its' sharp toes, it disintegrated into black sulfur. The researchers tested SCP-2511 similar to what they had done before with both alive and inanimate objects. The data came out that SCP-2511 was able to disintegrate living organisms into black sulfur.

Document #2511-1: Interview transcript by Dr.Miles.
████████ wrote down his findings on SCP-2511 after he witnessed SCP-2511 become silhouette. Dr.Miles had not yet heard of SCP-2511 before so Dr.Miles asked to question ████████, ████████ agreed.

[ █████ PM PST]

Dr. Miles: Okay sir, can you tell me firsthand what did this creature appear to look like, or how could you describe it?

████████: Well, when it collapsed on the floor, SCP-2511 appeared to have very short fur I can't remember the color.. It's skull structure was that similar to a canines except for its, uh, exceptionally large ram-like horns on either side of its head, also SCP-2511 was missing a right eye and its' lower jaw and its muzzle was just a upper jaw with teeth. Uh, um…SCP-2511 had six legs, three on each side and the legs each had three sharp, pointed toes on them. That is all I remember…

Dr. Miles: That sounds pretty terrifying, just from what you know.

████████: Yes, it is quite scary once you see it.

Dr. Miles: Now do you remember any abilities or skills of any kind?

████████: Well, SCP-2511 was able to become a silhouette at will as long as there was light around. So, I watched SCP-2511 walk into a wall and a shadow took its form…and….um…well that is all I remember as well.

████████: No…

Addendum: On January ██, 2015, researchers and construction workers at the SCP Foundation built an iron array of reinforcements along the exterior walls. Only if absolutely necessary researchers could access SCP-2511's containment for further testing as there is still danger with SCP-251 and there are still large amounts of unknown data covering SCP-2511.