Steve Garner SCP-XXXX "The Book Keeper"

Object Class: Safe

Item #:SCP-2759 "The Book Keeper"

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2759 is to be contained in a standard humanoid cell that is to have a desk a chair and SCP-2759-1. SCP-2759 does not need food or water therefore SCP-2759 is to stay in its cell at all time. If SPC-2759 is to produce a insistence of SCP-2759-A from SCP-2759-1 staff are to stay away from SCP-2759 as it is writing. Trying to get close or take SCP-2759-A from SCP-2759 will cause it to go into a rage state where any person in a 3.14 Km radius will be teleported to ████████, Saudi Arabia. After SCP-2759 has put the insistence of SCP-2759-A back into SCP-2759-1 all affected persons will be teleported back to to where they were standing when first teleported. Although distorting no negative long term effects have been identified from the teleportation.

Description: SCP-2759 appears to be a male human at the age of 20- 35 of height of 1.8m with indeterminate race. SCP-2659-1 is a leather messenger bag that appears to have significant damage to it that would make a normal one non-functioning. Testing of the material that SCP-2759-1 is composed of has been indeterminate but most closely related to cowhide. SCP-2759-1 also causes immediate death if touched with anything other than metal tools. How the victim dies is unclear as autopsy are unable to find any definite cause of death. It is thought that the cause of death is brain shutdown due to an over reaction of never cells as this would leave the rest of the body unaffected in anyway. Although very protective of SCP-2759-A, SCP-2759 has allowed the foundation to see and record some chapters of what it calls "The first book I completed". This being to only book SCP-2759 has allowed to be read it has been classified and designated SCP-2759-2. SCP-2759-2 is much like the other incenses of SCP-2759-A however on the front cover is written "Volume One The Explanation". After reading the full contents of SCP-2759-2 the O5 council removed it from the digital archives and only a fiscal copy is in site-01‘s vault (due to a fire SCP-2759-B has been distorted, however everything in the vault excluding SCP-2759-B survived. An investigation proved no results as to who or what started the fire.) as in the wrong hands this information could cause a XK-class "End-of-the-World" scenario. If site-01 is breached SCP-2759-B is to be distorted immediately. However O5-2, O5-7 and O5-10 approved a edited version of SCP-2759-2 called SCP-2759-3. It is unknown how SCP-2759 entered foundation custody when Dr.Stevens ( the current overseer of SCP-2759) was questioned when he was given custody of SCP-2759 he said "I don’t remember. I feel like I have always had him." It is unknown if this is another effect of SCP-2759 or was classified prior to digital records.

SCP-2759-3 :
How to use the books
1. Only read the books once every two hundred years
2. Only write one book every two hundred years
3. Use with caution

Chapter 1: Never look back

Chapter 2: Always look to him

Chapter 3: Get to the end

Notes on SCP-2759-B:

SCP-2759-B is a book detailing events that [Classified]. It appears to be ancient Egyptian papyrus paper. However SCP-2759-B is made of an unidentified element with atomic number 213. Thought impossible to exist more than 1*10^100000 nanoseconds however SCP-2759-B is incredibly stable not showing any decomposition. When an intelligent life form (such as humans or other great ape that could read the contents) makes contact is instantly killed. Testing is still being done to determine cause of death. The "ink" of SCP-2759-B is a mix of gold, iron, and platinum. contact of the ink of SCP-2759-B is not fatal but is not advised as it is to easy to accidentally come into contact to the paper.

Interview of SCP-2759 after showing power of teleportation

Dr.Stevens: Hello SCP-2759 I am going to interview you today about how you teleported agent [REDACTED].

SCP-2759: How? If I told you would you understand?

Dr.Stevens: I could try.

SCP-2759: That`s what i like about this time. Always trying to learn from others what you could not possibly understand. Ok well lets see. Think about how you move through the first dimension by going through the third or going through the fifth by going around the third.

Dr.Stevens: so you are opening a wormhole?

SCP-2759: No. Not at all. Next time I will try harder to make you understand.

Interview concluded.

Interview of SCP-2759 after approved request of O-5 and conducted by Dr.Stevens

Dr.Stevens:Hello again, I have more questions for you today

SCP-2759:You seem to have an unlimited amount of them recently.

Dr.Stevens:Today is special. We are going to talk about other SCP like yourself.

SCP-2759:I like this already, please continue

Dr.Stevens:What do you think about the other SCP's.

SCP-2759:Most of them seem like toys for a child.Although I don't think any child you will ever meet would like them. Just too complicated for them and in some cases the researches which can produce some very funny results.

Dr.Stevens:Do you know about SCP-001?

SCP-2759:Lets not talk about that one. It would be best for everyone's health.

Dr.Stevens:Why are you avoiding it?

SCP-2759:If you wish to continue this I suggest you move on.

Dr.Stevens:Alright then moving to the next question. What would you consider the most dangerous SCP?

SCP-2759:Having doubts that some safe class will kill someone? Well clarification is needed for me to answer this extremely important question.

Dr.Stevens:Please do not use sarcasm as it is hard to tell over paper. As clarification, What SCP would you consider the most dangerous to The Foundation.

SCP-2759:To you? Don't you know what would be most dangerous to you? Or perhaps you are afraid of the unknown. Currently ██████.

Dr.Stevens:Why would That be the most dangerous SCP to The Foundation?

SCP-2759:Think about what happens when you grow tired of something. I hope you understand.

Dr.Stevens:Can you tell me how the SCP's came into existence?

SCP-2759:What makes you think that I know anything about that? Am I not trying to learn about them the same as you?

Dr.Stevens:Yes I suppose so. What would happen if all the SCP's where to all be destroyed?

SCP-2759:I would like to see something that could destroy me. But if that were to happen I would guess that everything would stop.

Dr.Stevens:What do you mean stop?

SCP-2759:Yes. Well that's enough for now

SCP-2759 leaves the room opening a locked door.

Interview concluded.

Level Five Security Clearance Needed

Object Class: Thaumiel

Item #:SCP-2759 "The Book Keeper"

Special Containment Procedures:None

Notes: SCP-2759 is to walk around all sites freely to help contain other SCP's. SCP-2759 is disguised as other personal such as [Redacted] and Dr.Stevens . SCP-2759 has the power to contain all other SCPs however SCP-2759 will not use its power to contain other SCP's however it will help set up containment therefor SCP's are still being given Euclid and Keter classifications to set the danger that they still pose to the foundation if they were to escape. SCP-2759 still resides in its cell at most times as it does not work for the foundation and will only help if it feels that it is something that he has something to gain or happens to feel sympathy for. SCP-2759 has told O5 command that he plans to leave the foundation in [Redacted] years. Although the heat death of the universe is predicted to happen long before then. SCP-2759 is to be granted any information on any SCP regardless of reason.

SCP-2759's statement regarding the foundation:

"I help you out of the need to know not to "help" you. If you can not understand that you may never know why I chose this place to reside. I give you my knowledge because you store it an a easy to read format that I can use."

O5- ██ : This is why we cant let everyone know about SCP-2759's true purpose at the facility. I would like all you to respect this. Also leaking this information to non-Level-Five members will result in permanent Level-2 or termination with SCP-2759's decision.