Steve Garner SCP-XXXX " "

Object Class: ?????

Item #:SCP-XXXX "My Demons "

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to help in a max security cell with no other human interaction than the current host. SCP-XXXX is to be transferred to another host every 3 weeks to stop it from escaping containment and prevent long term mental damage to the host. If SCP-XXXX is to escape its containment a class 3 personal are authorized to make a deal to only put it back into containment

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 2.2 Meter tall humanoid with large ram horns protruding from its head and prominent muscles features across most of its upper torso. SCP-XXXX has not been fully observed d as one mass as when it enters a room without a host the room darkens below what a camera or eye can detect. Behaviors of SCP-XXXX are similar to a judeo-christian demon. It wants to make deals that often includes taking a "Soul" in exchange for worldly things or power beyond what is capable for a human to have. Talks with SCP-XXXX have reviled that ████████ and ████ have made a Deal with SCP-XXXX that have not included a taking of a "Soul" but rather ████████. If SCP-XXXX offers a deal of this type it is not to be taken. If a person of a non-judeo-christian religion tries to make a Deal with SCP-XXXX will not