Stopping Eyes Master Report and Experiment File
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SCP-1637 Master Report

Anything underlined was not realized until discovered in a later experiment or other method. An asterisk [*] indicate that there is an exception to the previously motioned event. The information in parentheses [()] indicate which experiment provided this information.

Item #: SCP-1637

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1637 is to be kept inside a wooden metal box that is place in the center of a 7 x 7 x 3.5 meter room that can only accessed by level 2 personnel and higher.

Description: SCP-1637 is a pair of eyeballs that have brown irises. When the subject is inside a conscious living thing's eye socket, all organic (Discovered in experiments 5-11) things within the field of vision of the SCP will be frozen in the location and position they were in when they entered the SCP's field of vision and will remain frozen* until they leave the SCP's line of sight or something breaks the SCP's direct line of sight.

When SCP-1637 is not inside a living organism's eye socket, all conscious living things with a certain brain alteration (described below) within a ~3.05 meter radius of the SCP will attempt to get close to the SCP and empty their eye socket and then insert the SCP into their eye socket.

When a living organism has an increased production of [going to insert the name of a real chemical that fits the description when i find it](which usually happens when an organism becomes interested about something) while looking at the subject or thinking about an image of the SCP, the pituitary gland begins to produce an unknown hormone. It is believed that this hormone is what causes some people to interact with SCP-1637. People who's pituitary gland is producing the unknown hormone will automatically produce a high pitch sound with a frequency of ████ hz[I am not sure if this is an accurate measurement of pitch] whenever they say "SCP-1637" a word or phrase referring to the subject. The motioned sound can be heard by humans, but is very difficult to notice and anything that hears this sound will begin producing the unknown hormone too.

When SCP-1637 is inside a living organism's eye socket, it will drain the organism of its nutrition considerably. When the SCP is removed from an organism's eye socket, the organism cannot see even when using another pair of healthy eyeballs.


Test 1 - 05/25/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████ and a Class D Personnel.
Procedure: The Class D Personnel was instructed to move while Dr. E█████ looked directly at the Class D Personnel.
Results: The Class D Personnel was still for most of the experiment, only moving slightly for a fraction of a second at random intervals. Class D Personnel claimed to be trying to move during all of the experiment, but couldn't move, saying it felt like being in "a full-body cast".
Analysis: The SCP seems to immobilize objects that are being looked at by the SCP user. -Dr. E█████

Test 2 - 05/25/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████ and the Class D Personnel from Test 1.
Procedure: Same as Test 1's procedure, except Dr. E█████ was instructed to not look directly at the Personnel,but still have the Personnel within his line of sight.
Results: Same as Test 1
Analysis: The SCP user does not need to look directly at a target to immobilize it, as long as the target is in the SCP user's field of vision. -Dr. E█████

Test 3 - 05/26/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████ and a group of 6 Class D Personnel
Procedure: The Class D Personnel are lined up in a row in front of Dr. E█████ and are instructed to move while Dr. E█████ looked at them.
Results: All of the Class D Personnel remained still most of the time during the time Dr. E█████ was looking at them,only moving slightly for a fraction of a second at random intervals. Class D Personnel claimed that they were trying to move throughout the experiment.
Analysis: Seems that the SCP can affect multiple objects at the same time, weither there is a limit to this number is unknown. -Dr. E█████

Test 4 - 05/27/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████, a camcorder, and Agent █████
Procedure: Agent █████ was informed about the SCP currently known effect and instructed to try his best to move from one end of the room to the other end without voluntarily stopping. Dr. E█████ was instructed to look at Agent █████ and voluntarily blink and close his eyelids for different lengths of time. The camcorder was placed across from Dr. E█████ and set to record.
Results: Agent █████ walked across the room, stopping suddenly multiple times at seemingly random interval, while Dr. E█████ did what he was instructed to do. A review of the camcorder's footage showed that the moments when Agent █████ moved corresponded when Dr. E█████ had his eyelids closed.
Analysis: The SCP user closing their eyelids seems like an effective way to stop the SCP's ability. This would also explain the short movements in the previous tests. -Dr. E█████

Test 5 - 05/28/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████ and a Remote-Controlled toy car.
Procedure: Dr.E█████ was instructed to look directly at the toy car while it moves.
Results: Toy car moves without problems while Dr. E█████ looks at it.
Analysis: It seems that SCP-1637 does not affect inorganic objects, however, more testing is required to be sure. -Dr. E█████

Notes: Experiments 6-11 yield the same results as above, confirming Dr. E█████ hypothesis.

Test 16 - 06/02/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████ and Agent █████.
Procedure: Agent █████ was instructed to jump in place while Dr. E█████ looks at Agent █████ while he is mid-air.
Results: Agent █████ remained in mid-air until Dr. E█████ stops looking at him. Agent █████ fell to the ground with no anomalies.

Test 17 - 06/02/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████ and Agent █████.
Procedure: Agent █████ was instructed to run in a straight line and then jump, at which point Dr. E█████ would look at him.
Results: Agent █████ "froze" in mid-air when looked at by Dr. E█████. When Dr. E█████ stopped looking, Agent █████ fell vertically to the ground where he was "frozen".
Analysis: Seems like the targets affected by SCP-1637 do not retain momentum. -Dr. E█████

Test 18 - 06/03/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████, Agent █████, and a simple doorway.
Procedure: Agent █████ is to hide behind the doorway in a way that he is not visible to Dr.E█████, who is on the other side of the doorway, looking towards the doorway. Agent █████ is to check if he can move while completely hidden behind the door, and then move one of his hands into the line of sight of Dr. E█████.
Results: Agent █████ can move normally when completely hidden behind the door. When Agent █████ moved his right hand into the field of vision of Dr. E█████, he was unable to move any part of his body. While Agent █████ was immobilized, Dr. E█████ states that the only parts of Agent █████ that were visible to him were the tips of two (2) of his fingers.
Analysis: It seems the SCP cannot affect objects behind other objects if they are not visible. However, something can be immobilized even if only a portion of them is seen by the SCP user. -Dr. E█████

Test 19 - 06/03/20██

Subject: Dr. E█████ and Agent █████.
Procedure: Dr. E█████ will close his eyes while Agent █████ covers both of Dr. E█████'s eyes with his hands. Dr. E█████ will then open his eyes.
Results: When Dr. E█████ opened his eyes, Agent █████ was immobilized.
Analysis: //The SCP can still affect something even when the target is [will type more later]