Item #: SCP-3657

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3657 is only to be reffered to as an SCP in documents relating to documentation of its anomolous properties. SCP-3657 is considered part of Foundation personnel, and is to be treated as such. SCP-3657 has level 4 clearance and is to be reffered to as "Agent 3657" in any documents that are not records of its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-3657 is an exceedingly complex cybernetic humanoid, identical in exterior appearance to a human. The full functions of SCP-3657 is only fully understood by it. SCP-3657 has extensive combat systems and receives power from a miniaturized nuclear fusion reactor located where the human heart would be. SCP-3657 can consume food, breaking the food down into individual atoms, and rearranging the atoms into materials, primarily ammunition for its weapons systems. The only organ that preforms the same task as it's human counterpart is the brain. SCP-3657's "brain" is more powerful than any Foundation supercomputer by a wide margin. SCP-3657's "bones" are formed from an incredibly durable alloy.

SCP-3657 is highly intelligent and posses a unique personality. SCP-3657 uses a coding language completely unique to itself that is not based on binary. This makes it completely immune to computer hacking, as no other programs can work on it. SPC-3657 is completely immune to telepathic influence, memetic infleunce, and any similar hazards. SCP-3657 is able to make contact with SCP-049, as it lacks any biological matter. SCP-3657 is able to safely view SCP-096's face and is able to rember SCP-055.

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