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Item Number: SCP-%

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: After the successful implementation of Containment Proposal %-2, the only current containment procedure necessary for the containment of SCP-% is the maintenance of Area-%, located on the grounds of Site-11. All tombstones in Area-% are to be routinely cleaned, and the surrounding area is to be kept clear of debris.

The Department of Analytics is to monitor world media sources for stories concerning the disappearance of bodies.1 If an instance of SCP-% gains notable notoriety, a suitable cover story is to be created.

Containment Proposal %-2:

Abstract: SCP-% has displayed intelligence in the burial of corpses, being able to detect where said bodies should be interned. By creating an area for it to operate and showing it where this are is, we can direct future instances of SCP-% into a small specific area.

  1. The bodies of individuals who have died without having been buried are to be interned at a new burial ground, henceforth referred to as Area-%. This explicit purpose of this burial ground is to be for the burial of individuals who would not otherwise be buried.
  2. Once the burial ground has reached sufficient burials as to be defined as a space for the burial of individuals who would not otherwise be buried, MTF Theta-13 ("Bring Out Your Dead") is to locate instances of SCP-%, recover the bodies and reintern them at Area-%. This process must be completed within 24 hours of removal from the grave, to ensure that SCP-% does not anomalously reintern the body.
  3. The same process is to be simultaneously performed for cremated ashes, interning such remains at a mausoleum built on the grounds of Area-%.
  4. The burial ground and mausoleum of Area-% are to be monitored for the presence of new SCP-% instances.
  5. If new burials are noted as occuring within Area-% and confirmed as SCP-% activity, this Containment Proposal will have been successful.[[/collapsible]]


  • Buries dead bodies that wouldn't otherwise be buried
  • Tends to go close, but sometimes goes further away if relevant (ie: family grave, closely related to subject, meaningful in some way)
  • burials are given tombstones described the decesased
  • If body is badly damaged or burned, ashes of subject are put into jars and delivered to appropriate places
  • if a body is removed from a grave, it will be put back 24 hours after removal
  • if the body is removed from a grave and then buried somewhere fitting, it will stay where it is
  • if the body is removed from the grave and buried somewhere unfitting, it will go back 24 hours after removal
  • if the body is removed and the burial process is underway 24 hours later, the body will stay where it is (ie, the body is found and given a wake 24 hours later, body stays.)
  • nothing is ever actually observed: bodies magically disappear -> graves suddenly appear

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