Chicago Insurgency

Black Monarch Butterfly.​​

The Black Queen המלכה השחורה

Hi everybody! The other Queens all call me Sunrise, so I guess that's how I'm supposed to introduce myself here!

Black Queen Ching Shih


Black Queen Minerva.


An alternate version of the SCP Foundation that is acting as a sovereign nation-state in some capacity. Frequently aim at global domination or world control.


  • Foundation, post K-Class
  • Normally fascists.פשיסטי בדרך כלל. Every Foundation is fascist, dear. At least, those that aren't are the unusual ones.
  • lack of 2000/ennui False. Boudica, please elaborate on that, at least a little. Greedy opportunists. Want Federation.
  • lack of opposition groups (excepting ORIA-ERIA)
  • SCP-052
  • SCP-4163
  • Apotheosis
  • world where…
  • tufto's headcanon
  • world where…
  • the world in which Chicago Insurgency takes place