The Unseen
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a small room and secured to a steel post prominently displayed and embedded into the floor against the back wall at all times. Room must remain well-lit at all times to ensure SCP-XXXX’s visibility. When personnel enter SCP-XXXX’s containment chamber, no fewer than 2 personnel may enter at any time.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an adult Caucasian male of unknown age and origin, obtained during the [REDACTED]. Subject’s body is hairless apart from the scalp, where normal black hair is observed. Subject’s skin tone is pale and remarkably smooth, appearing almost flawless. Both of SCP-XXXX’s eyes are a jet black color, with no discernible pupil. SCP-XXXX’s fingernails are long, curved, abnormally sharp, and possess a black coloration similar to subject’s eye color.
SCP-XXXX is regarded as a hostile entity, despite not having shown any inclination to escape. (See Incident XXXX-2). SCP-XXXX causes a strange visual phenomenon wherein any individual attempting to view the subject experiences great difficulty in finding it, and can lose track of the subject’s location very easily. Personnel have reported being unable to locate SCP-XXXX for several minutes, only to suddenly realize that it was secured in its proper location the entire time. This effect resulted in several false alarm containment breach alerts during the subject’s initial containment. After experimentation, it has been determined that this visual effect is outside of the subject’s control, and happens naturally without requiring SCP-XXXX’s consent.

As of yet, SCP-XXXX has made no attempt at communication, vocal or non-vocal. However, SCP-XXXX is clearly sapient, and is suspected to understand human vocalization, although this has not been verified. Further testing with D-class personnel in order to greater understand the subject is pending. (See Addendum.)

SCP-XXXX will typically attempt to kill anyone it can if given the opportunity, usually preferring to approach the victim from behind and slash their throat with its fingernails. After a kill, SCP-XXXX will generally display pleasure, smiling and admiring its work. The subject will sometimes turn to observe any other individuals present, seemingly taking pleasure from reactions of fear or disgust.

Addendum-01: After further research, it has been discovered that SCP-XXXX can communicate through telepathic methods. This was discovered when several researchers realized that their minds tended to wander when exposed to SCP-XXXX. Researchers reported that they would often succumb to daydreaming when attempting to interview SCP-XXXX, thinking about what they expected the subject might say if it were to decide to speak. When these daydreams were brought up in discussion, it was discovered that different researchers from the same interview session had matching accounts of what they “imagined” SCP-XXXX could have said. After investigation, it was verified that SCP-XXXX communicates by causing individuals to imagine itself speaking. All accounts confirm that SCP-XXXX’s “voice” is soft and articulate and that the subject’s demeanor in conversation is one of calm self-confidence.

Incident XXXX-2: On ██-██-20██, SCP-XXXX was seen unsecured from its steel post. Subject was quickly recontained and the video footage of the containment chamber studied. Researchers are unable to view SCP-XXXX on the footage for more than a few brief seconds before visual contact with the subject is lost. During these few seconds, SCP-XXXX can be seen smiling in the direction of the camera. The incident is being investigated.