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Before delivery to it's secure containment, image taken by Mr. █.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To be placed in a 5 by 5-meter containment pen separated by two-inch glass. Specialized rabbit food pellets are to be distributed per day at any time and is to be lowered into the pen instead of personnel bringing it to the containment pen directly. Staff are reduced to a vegetative state and must seek therapy otherwise. Staff are advised not to develop an emotional attachment to the entities and staff are swapped every week because of it.

Description: When a person dreams, they feel elated with their happiest dream where all their goals and ambitions are realized. At the same time, they are being fed upon by what was described by subjects to be a pale hairless rabbit. The small nine inch creatures have an almost insatiable hunger. The organism devoid of emotion itself, gains fur white in color with a yellow hue along its back and paws when it feeds upon other emotional or intelligent life.

The organisms leave their victims in a vegetative dreamlike state, which can prove fatal if left overtime. Test subjects entering the organisms' containment felt completely drained of emotion, some even not wishing to leave. The pale aptly named Ragnety is capable of self-reproduction every three days, creating a separate clone. Each clone when filled with emotion can reproduce into more organisms and so on.

The entities were found disrupting a local church in Abiquiu, New Mexico. the head of church attempted to stabilize the situation by creating SCP-██. SCP-██ unexpectedly killed the head of the church and his family and was later captured off site. The Ragnety's were shortly captured after and the incident was ruled as an unfortunate triple homicide.

Addendum: The implementation of SCP- ████ was done to contain the numbers of Ragnety’s large enough for testing and small enough for containment. Until ██/██/████ marked as (Incident ██-01) for record. [DATA EXPUNGED] which led to SCP-████’s escape from its containment facility at Area-12.